Top Ten Child Celebrities And How They Look Now

Top Ten Child Celebrities And How They Look Now Tamil Article

People who are watching Tamil cinema from the 90's might have seen many child stars. Children at that age study in classrooms or play in the playground. But these infants went on to become child superstars. Getting famous by this age is something hard to achieve. Let’s go through the top ten child celebrities who were famous in their young age.

1) Ranjini Hariharan

This girl came on the big screen when she was nine. She got noticed for her long locks. The Classical dance which she knew was helpful for her in her auditions. Through this she got approacheds for many ads and later she gave her debut in the movie 'Nila Kaalam'. This film made her famous at that young age, and s2he subsequently appeared in some more movies.

2) Egypt Dinesh

This guy wanted to win over a girl’s heart for which he enacted a play and wrote a script by himself. We don't know if he won the girl's heart or not but he got a state-level certificate for it. This achievement made him realize that he had acting skills. He claimed to fame through the movie 'Nila Kaalam.’

3) Poornitha Kalyani

This famous face started her career from ads. Chubby cheeks and chirpy personality made her become a host and she later went on to feature on the big screen.

4) Ann Alexia Anra

Even though her mother didn't want her child to feature in movies, at the age of seven she featured in 'Avvai Shanmughi'. This movienot made her famous at a small age and but also made her a child star. Even though she is not in the industry now, she wants to give it another shot.

5) ‘ Shamili

A shocking thing to know is that she came on the big screen at the age of one. People know her by the name ‘ Anjali’, which was a big hit even though she starred in many movies. She is still in K-town and has got many projects to work on.

6) Anand Krishnamoorthi

He came to the big screen through school plays at the age of six and became famous instantly. Movies like “May Madham” and “Sathi Leelavathi” stand apart for his work, thus gaining him immense fame. He now prefers working behind the cameras though.

7) ‘ Mahendran

This young star was able to feature on the big screen just because of his dad. Who knew this kid would become a star at his childhood time? Yes, from a short scene to acting with ‘ Rajinikanth’ and Kamal, he has done many movies as a child artist. At the age of nine, he came for a short scene in 'Naatamai' movie and later landed up getting more and more movies in his pocket.

8) Shalini Ajith Kumar

Even though she started her career in a Malayalam film at the age of 4, she starred in many languages in South India. Later, she appeared as a lead actress in K-town.

9) ‘ Sridevi

One of the famous stars in India started her career in the film 'Thunaivan', at the age of four. She was also part of other languages at her young age, which bagged her many movies leading her to become a star.

10) Kamal Haasan

He has been a star since childhood, right from winning the President's Gold Medal at the age of four. He has been achieving since then as an actor.