Ranjini Hariharan

Other names of Ranjini Hariharan: Ranjini Pradeep

To be a professional dancer and actor is hard enough and to do so at an extremely young age seems almost impossible but not for Ranjini Hariharan. Born on 1991, this remarkable woman had already begun applying for roles on the screen when she was a  child, their her long hair got noticed.

She had sent an application to a coordinator for a modeling agency and was selected for a shampoo commercial. Her knowing classical dance was a lot of help back in that audition. She had acted in a lot of movies like Nila Kaalam, Pandavar Bhoomi, Thendral, and Naan Kadavul.

She went to college at MOP Vaishnav college and there she had her fair share of hardship, traveling by buses and autos. She also got a job in a bank for two years after graduation.Then she threw herself into her passion: anchoring, singing and teaching Carnatic music, modeling and teaching classical dance forms.

She had been living in Hyderabad since 2014 with her husband. Ranjini is still in touch with her passion, she teaches dance now at Silver Oaks School. She also runs a dance academy class in the evening and takes long-distance classical music classes for her students in Chennai over Skype.

She is famous and lot of her modeling pictures are on the textile industries of hyderabad, this is also how her students recognize her. She is now 26 and still very active in her life.In fact, many of her videos are on the internet, where she has choreographed and sometimes even performed in dance put up by the school in which she works. She has danced in Happy Streets, and a Telugu Patriotic song, Mana Desam also put up by Silver Oaks School.