Top 10 Best Director Cameos In Tamil Movies

Top 10 Best Director Cameos In Tamil Movies Tamil Article

Directors are the captains of the ship. Most of their job is off the screens, but their work never goes unnoticed. Most of them have made their presence shown by getting on the stage themselves for the screenplay that they wrote. Almost all the directors have given a cameo appearance in their movies. Here are the top ten such director cameos.

#1 Rajamouli - Baahubali


Baahubali is one of the movies with the biggest budget in India. It is also a top-grossing movie that exceeded its expectations by delivering quality content, unlike most sequels. Rajamouli has done a grandiose job directing this movie. He has given an appearance in one of the scenes where Prabhas and Rana go to a bar, disguised as common men. Rajamouli is the owner of the bar with whom Prabhas orders for more alcohol. He opens his entire shop after payment with gold coins.

#2 Prabhu Deva Story soon >> Read More... Prabhu Deva - Engeyum Kadhal Click to look into! >> Read More... Engeyum Kadhal


Prabhu Deva is a man in many trades; dancing, directing, acting. He has made a cameo appearance in this movie for an entire song. This song describes love in its various forms and aesthetically enhances the meaning of love. With his elegant dance moves, he treats us with an entire song in the opening sequence of this movie.

#3 SJ Surya- Kushi


Fate brings two people together. The journey of two souls, from when they were born to meeting each other and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, is based on the butterfly effect. A single person can change the lives of many people dynamically. SJ Surya cameos as this person in the movie. He walks along a busy road where Vijay drives while on his way abroad for further studies. He meets with an accident trying to avoid the pedestrian, which is SJ Surya, as a result of which he is forced to pursue his studies in the same college as Jyothika.

#4 KS Ravikumar- Pancha Thanthiram Click to look into! >> Read More... Pancha Thanthiram


Kamal Haasan’s introduction scene as a pilot has the director, KS Ravikumar as his co-pilot. The plane is hijacked, and Kamal sets out to save the day. KS Ravikumar is being held hostage by the terrorists. He conveys the information regarding this to Kamal in a comical way. This scene and the entire movie is laughter therapy.


#5 Venkat Prabhu Venkat Prabhu is a multifaceted and multitalented >> Read More... Venkat Prabhu - Saroja


The group of four, on their road trip to watch the cricket match in Hyderabad, are misdirected to a haunting route. On their way, they stop to ask directions from a suspicious person on the streets who directs them to the villain’s hideout. This person is none other than the director of this movie, Venkat Prabhu.

#6 Balaji Mohan Balaji Mohan is a director by profession. He is fa >> Read More... Balaji Mohan - Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Yeppadi


This movie is a cute love story between Siddharth and Amala Paul Amala Paul is the super talented star of South Ind >> Read More... Amala Paul . Starting from a short film that became so popular, Balaji Mohan made his dreams come true when he released it as a full feature movie. He plays the role of a narrator in the movie, introducing both of them at the present time. Siddharth takes it over from him and continues to narrate his side of the story.

#7 Perarasu- Sivakasi

Vijay’s introduction scene is voiced over by the director, but he also makes a special appearance. During a riot, the henchmen of a political person seal the mechanic shop owned by Vijay, locking him inside. When people ask them to open the lock, they refuse. Perarasu appears then, warning them about Vijay’s powers. Thus, Vijay opens to door by welding a cut out of his silhouette.

#8 Gautham Menon Gautham Vasudev Menon is known for his directional >> Read More... Gautham Menon - Varanam Aayiram

Varanam Aayiram is one of Suriya’s best movies to display his multifaceted talents. In one part of the movie, Surya joins the army. On one of the missions to save a young child, he meets with an informer. This informer is none other than Gautham Menon, who covers half of his face.

#9 Dharani- Osthe

Osthe is a cop movie with all the elements to it: comedy, romance, family, and villains. In the introduction song, Simbu dances with his cop car and bike. Dharani makes a cameo appearance in the song, and his name is also incorporated into the song.

#10 KS Ravikumar- Muthu

Muthu is one of the blockbuster hits of the time. In one of the scenes, Rajini and Meena get lost in a remote place in Kerala. Meena plays a prank on Rajni, teaching him confusing Malayalam. As a result, Rajni gets tied to a tree and beaten up by the local people. Wanting to find the meaning, Rajni comes across a Tamil person living in the vicinity, he asks him. The Tamil person is played by KS Ravikumar, who tells him the meaning and goes a step further by kissing Rajni on his cheek.