Nadigar Sangam Clash -A Glance

Nadigar Sangam Clash -A Glance Tamil Article

The Nadigar Sangam indeed has come a long way and has weathered the test of time. Since its inception in 1952 in T. Nagar, Nadigar Sangam has been in the news for different reasons. Whatever it does becomes the talk of the town and sometimes the spat of words between the artists creates quite a sensation to the unassuming movie buff. Well, stalwarts like Sivaji, MGR and M R Radha were instrumental in forming the Nadigar Sangam. In fact, the building of Nadigar Sangam in T. Nagar was adorned with a gym and a screening space in 1977. It then became known that Nadigar Sangam had succumbed to debts to the tune of Rs. 4.5 crores. Here, it was Vijayakanth who financed the debts through the money he earned from star nights organized in Malaysia and Singapore. Later on, there was some tiff regarding the Presidency of Vijayakanth, who was also a politician at that time. Hence, he quit his position and Sarath Kumar took on the role of President, with Radha Ravi became the Secretary.

The year 2010 was an important year in the books of Nadigar Sangam since the old buiding was blown up and it was decided that a new building would be constructed. And then comes the memorable story of the entry of Satyam Cinemas; Radha Ravi and Sarath Kumar got into a lease agreement for three decades with Satyam, which mainly dealt with maintenance of the building. Well, the old building had been demolished, that was history. But what about the new building? It is still in progress.

In December 2012 a strong issue was raised by Poochi Murugan, a member of the association, stating that Radha Ravi and Sarath Kumar, being relatives, signed the contract according to their own whims and fancies, without even consulting others. This case is a major obstacle in the construction of the new building.

The twist to the ever-intriguing story of Nadigar Sangam came when youngster Vishal boldly voiced out that the new building was the sole responsibility of the Nadigar Sangam and the agreement with private institutions such as Satyam Cinemas should be nullified. Sarathkumar’s justification was that the income generated from Satyam Cinemas would only help the needy since it was a stable income. Subsequently, a war of words followed with Vishal boldly questioning the operational efficiency of the Nadigar Sangam. Sarathkumar even went to the extent of filing a derogatory case against Vishal with regard to lack of decorum as far as finances were concerned.

Sarathkumar’s team comprising Silambarasan, Radha Ravi, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Poornima Bhagyaraj and Urvashi went on to blame Nasser’s team, comprising Vishal, Kamal Haasan, Kushboo, Karthi, Karunas and Ponvannan, accusing them of having resorted to wrong means to gain victory in elections.

Superstar Rajinikanth doesn’t seem to support any team and he has blessed both the teams equally. Also, it seems that both the ruling and the opposition parties are on the safer side.

Well, now that you have a background about this association, let’s see which artist emerges victorious in tomorrow’s elections, which was initially sscheduled for July 15, 2015. This election is an important event in the history of Tamil cinema with Sarath Kumar and Vishal vying for the coveted post. Sarath Kumar held this position for three years and there has been no opposition whatsoever as far as his supremacy is concerned. But will he taste success this time too? Or is it the matter-of-fact Vishal, who will win?

The main concern is that the association, which was known for its serene nature, had to face hiccups when Sarath Kumar opted to blow up the old association. But it seems we have to wait with bated breath until tomorrow to see who emerges victorious.