Suseenthiran was born in 1978 and his parents named him as 'Sureshkumar Nallusamy'. Later during his childhood days, he changed his name and now is popularly known as 'Suseenthiran.' Suseenthiran is a National movie director and dramatist. He ascends his recognition with the 'Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu.'

Suseenthiran belongs to a small village called Kanakkanpatti in Pazhani. He always wanted to be a director like his father and his uncle. His family never appreciated his dream. They believed that making films was a waste of time as his father made many movies but none of them got released.

Suseenthiran had worked as assistant director under the famous filmmakers as S. D. Sabha and Ezhil in Chennai, before turning an independent director. His debut film was immensely successful and after that, he started his next project 'Naan Mahaan Alla' by August 2009. It was a huge hit.

While making this film, he started working on 'Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai.' his next project. Suseenthiran discloses that ' Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai Click to look into! >> Read More... ,' was planned to be his second directorial, but due to some issues from investors side the making of the film got delayed. 'Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai' is a movie based on ' Bhaskar Sakthi Bhaskar Sakthi is a renowned dialogue writer in Ta >> Read More... 's novel. It was screened at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival in Contemporary World Cinema category.

Thangar Bachan Tamil Actor

Thangar Bachan

Thangar Bachan was born on 1962 in the Pathirakottai district of Tamil Nadu. Inspired by literary legends of and philosophers of his motherland, Thangar Bachan, who was named as Thangarajan on birth; was deeply inspired to pursue knowledge about literary art forms and methods of expression. His quest transformed him into a prominent writer and novelist. He soon realizes that his expressions would find a wider audience if his mode of communication were more wider. Thus, Thangar Bachan decides to step into the film industry. Before he began to write novels, however, he was a cinematographer for Tamil movies, which was a contributing factor to his wish of directing his movies. ‘Malai Charal’ was the first film that he Cinematographed for, and it was released in 1990. His first film as a director was ‘Azhagi’ in which he did the cinematography and script. It was literally his very own movie, and he was completely satisfied with the result that it produced in the theaters. From the initial state of his career until his current position, he has won over twelve awards in recognition of his work. These awards include the prestigious Tamil Nadu Government's Literary Award for best novel ‘Onbathu Rubai Nottu’ and ‘Sathyan Memorial Award’ for best director. Apart from Cinematography, Writing, and Direction, Thangar is also an actor, and he has even won the ‘Jaya TV Award’ for best actor. Owing to his deep commitment to art, he couldn’t tolerate the commercialization of art, and this attitude has often made him the center of many unfortunate controversies, including one of his public speeches in which he said that actresses who perform only for the money are no different from prostitutes. He was forced to give a public apology towards actress Khushbu, against whom he had implied the particular comment.


Adhik Ravichandran

Adhik Ravichandran is an Indian Tamil movie director. Adhik made his directorial debut with the Tamil movie “Trisha Illana Nayanthara” in 2015. The movie featured G.V. Prakash Kumar, Anandhi and Manisha Yadav in lead roles. Trisha Illana Nayanthara was a Romantic Comedy genre movie. Adhik was born in Chennai. He is the son of Ravichandran who has been an assistant director in Tamil cinema for around 20 years now. Adhik was inspired by his dad and always wanted to be in the field of direction. Adhik’s mother never wanted him to enter this field seeing his father’s struggle. He wanted to do Vis Com course, but because of his mother not wanting him to enter the film industry he did Engineering. But his passion towards direction pulled him towards itself and after completing his engineering Adhik took the help of his father and started assisting him in films. Before directing “Trisha Illana Nayanthara”, Adhik assisted Malayalam director Major Ravi in a Malayalam film. He discussed the script of Trisha Illana Nayanthara with many producers but failed everywhere. After rejection from 37 producers, C.J. Jayakumar of Cameo Films gave a yes to Adhik. During the audition of the movie he faced difficulties and took help of his father Ravichandran for the film. The two had kept a secret with the crew about their relationship as his father didn’t want any special treatment on the sets. But after a few days shoot, Ravichandran noticed that people would laugh at Adhik for his similar appearance as an assistant director. It was then that Adhik disclosed about their relationship. Adhik is now paired up with G.V. Prakash Kumar and they both are set for two new movies. One stars Simbu and will be produced by Rebel Studios which is titled to be as ‘Virgin Mappillai’. The other movie has Adhik as the director and G.V. Prakash Kumar as the actor and also as the music director.

Adhik Ravichandran Tamil Actor