Top 20 Controversial Contestants Of Bigg Boss

Top 20 Controversial Contestants Of Bigg Boss Hindi Article
Bigg Boss is one of the most loved and entertaining reality shows on Indian television. The show started as a family entertainer and eventually became immensely popular. But the love for the show comes from the contestants who spice it up with their sweet n bitter controversies. When you think of the show, these names will surely pop up in your mind.
This ‘Pardesiya’ girl made the debut season of the show worth watching with her melodrama and her illogical fight over her super precious….coffee mug. Her cat fights with Kashmeera Shah made things worse for her when the entire house turned against her. She re-entered with an aim of pleasing everyone. It was her personality that made her mother enter the next season of the show.
The politician turned playboy Mahajan began his search for love on the second season of the show where he dated Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi. Buzz was that Rahul and Monica decided to tie knots to which the former denied. He said, “I liked Monica but did not want to marry her because of my bad experiences out of my first marriage.” When his marriage with Dimpy Ganguly was going through a bad phase, Payal accused Mahajan of having hit her twice on the show. He yet entered the eighth season as a challenger where he tried to portray his marital status with Dimpy to be happy.
Raja, who is more popular as Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband, entered the second season of the show after their divorce. This angry young man had his perceptions about situations, ways that were not at all compatible with his housemates and finally turned into fights. One fight that turned ugly was with Sambhawana Seth, the duo patched up later with a sweet kiss.
The actress of Bhojpuri fame, who entered the second season of the show managed to create only a few headlines in the show with her love and hate relationship with Raja Chaudhary when their kiss generated a spark. Flames turned red when she entered the eighth season of the show as a challenger. Rahul Mahajan’s so-called sister left no chance to bully his wife, Dimpy Ganguly. She even hurled up a shoe at the latter. She was then eliminated in a mid-week eviction when she threatened to beat her up.
Mr. Khan, who is famous for passing his illogical comments on everybody in the industry, maintained his level in the third season of the show where he didn’t spare anyone. He got on everybody’s nerves, but one of his comments could not stop Vindu Dara Singh from pushing him out of the gym. He was eliminated after ending up being physical with designer Rohit Verma. Khan re-entered the house and was not welcomed. So, he soon faced elimination again. This man was one of the most hated participants of all seasons.
She was one person who did not miss any chance of fighting with the housemates. Her loud appearance and loud voice irritated everyone. TRPs had started falling because of her attitude. Poor girl Shweta Tiwari became her victim during an aerobics task which boosted up the TRP. Even gentleman Tiwari could not escape from her fury. When she re-entered the house, she showed up a softer side.
This season 4 lad entered the house post his viral MMS with Riya Sen. Ashmit was in highlights throughout because of his friendliness with girls. His closeness with Veena Malik was the most discussed topic of the season. Two of them allegedly had sex .Ashmit denies to the rumors. He said, “With so many cameras in the house, how can you make love? But I have only gained with these rumors.”
This girl of Wanted fame was rumored to enter the fifth season of the show on Salman Khan’s recommendation. Sallu Bhai seemed a little partial for the lady throughout the season. This sweet innocent chic turned quite a fighter in the second half of the season. Her fight with Akashdeep Sehgal kept the tapes rolling and helped her get a lot of public attention.
This fashion designer’s entry in BB house turned out to be pretty unfortunate for rest of the housemates. On one hand, where he gained popularity with his unique fashion sense, on the other hand, he was a continuous torture for others. His style, strip tease, fight with Rajeev Paul and silly tantrums kept him in the limelight. His journey continued in the ninth season where he entered the house as a guest member and maintained his standards with his tasks. Quite an entertainer he is.
x. Rajeev Paul
What made his presence on the show noticeable was his fellow contestant and his ex-wife Delnaaz Irani. Rajeev showed his aggressive side on the show by shouting at his wife and snapping at her which was contrary to the sweet image that he had on television. He also made his fair share of quarrels with Imam. He gave quite some masala to the audiences to talk to and proved to be another angry young man.
It takes up a lot of hard work to reach success, and so it did for Miss Khan who was also the winner of the seventh season of the show. She seemed to be friendly with Kushal Tandon from the very beginning, and then the cupid struck. The relationship was short-lived and then the couple parted their ways after the show. This girl definitely deserves to be called a drama queen (no offences Dear Rakhi Sawant) because she remained in the news even after the show for being slapped by an audience for wearing a skimpy dress. When they looked into the matter, the accused revealed that Khan paid him for the publicity stunt.
Armaan, who became famous with his not so famous movie Jaani Dushman entered the seventh season of the show and soon became popular because there was another love story cooking up between him and Tanisha Mukherjee. Kohli seemed quite dominating as a partner. Another incidence to be noted down in Armaan’s Diary was his ugly fight with Sofia Hayat Khan, for which she filed a police case against him.
When he entered the eighth season of the show, he showed a completely different aspect. From Diya Aur Bati Hum Ka Vikram to being himself, he gained tremendous fame. He stood alone for himself when there was a drift in his P3G gang (Puneet, Praneet, Pritam, Gautam). His small love story with Diandra Soares, which he denied to and fights with almost everyone in the house could not even make those BB cameras ignore him. His charm and popularity amongst audience saved him from 12 nominations and made him get BB8 trophy.
Those trendy lipstick shades and long sexy legs made her the eye candy of the eighth season. From gaining sympathy over her break up with boyfriend Rishabh to her surprising commitment with Upen Patel to bitching with friend Diandra, this momma’s gal did it all to make the show interesting. Her mathematics (0*5= 25) proved her to be a beauty without the brain. The couple decided to get married but soon split up after Nach Baliye 8.
This wild card entry and the first captain of BB8 house seemed to a serious contender but soon turned out to be Thaali ka Baingan. He kept the show interesting with his high humor quotient which showed when he imitated Gutthi in the house. Controversies built up when a friendly task that turned violent between him and Ajaz Khan made him go to the hospital. Another thing that made the TRP shoot up was when he was slapped by Sonali Raut after which he tried to climb a ladder and elope the house out of embarrassment.
This Irani girl won several hearts with her funny Hindi accent, but her temperament always got her ignorance and isolation in the house. Her best friend, Rochelle Rao aka her manager in the house, who later turned into an enemy kept the atmosphere heated up. Contestants felt that Salman Khan was biased towards her. Her constant fights with cool group, kicking Kishwer during a task, snapping at Priya Malik and all the drama made her fall a little behind the victory mark, where she was the second runner-up.
This Punjabi Munda became famous as ‘reality show king’ after his third consecutive win on the ninth season of Bigg Boss preceded by RoadiesXII and Splitsvilla. Besides, he tried to put his lover boy image forward by hitting on every female contestant who didn’t work on anybody but Yuvika Chaudhary. He made lovely love promises, which after her eviction, shifted to wild card entry, Nora Fatehi. The two got very intimate, and thus, his cool group started maintaining their distance Actions speak louder than words and Prince was a perfect example of the opposite. In spite of all the negativities, things gradually fell in place and led him to glory.
Kishwer entered the ninth season with her boyfriend Suyyash Rai. On one hand where the bf could be seen crying over issues, on the other hand, she showed the tougher side which proved she was the man in the relationship. Even Salman Khan called her heartless a few times. Her sworn enemy, Mandana contributed a lot to flash her name on the list. With bodyguards, Prince and Suyyash on either side, she was called the brain of the cool group. She showed up a softer side when tears rolled down her cheeks on being kicked by Mandana during a task. News flash was a surprise mid-week eviction when she walked out with 15L.
xix. Priya Malik
This foreign return teacher, yet another wild card entry, added more flavor when the masala content of the show was quite low, tried to preach everyone in the house. Her words could make anyone lose patience. Her bond with Rishabh Sinha became a hot topic of the house, to which she clarified that she treated the latter as her child. Her way of draping the scarf and her aggression during tasks were her add-ons. She was highly ambitious for winning the shot, but things didn’t work in favor for her.
The last one who managed her place on the countdown is Rimi Sen. This girl, with an entirely different strategy of playing, crying every day to go home, helped her get votes for few weeks but, when Bigg Boss announced an open eviction, her game plan revealed, and she became a disliked person inside. Her so-called patient attitude, which rather became annoying, her reluctance for tasks, her adamancy for not performing them made her leave with a negative image, for which even Salman Khan had warned her.