Hindi Producer ( 0 - 12 )

Kressy Deep Kaur

Kailash Rathi


Producer Big B Of The Film

A producer or film producer is someone who heads the whole film production processes. Film producers can play different roles based on their preferences. They can either be freelancers or work under a larger production company. Many people move on from other areas to become film or TV show producers. They are responsible for the overall handling of the film scripting, sound, editing, filming, production and distribution processes. A producer has to build the script from scratch and make it into a film for the public and the market.

Producers cannot always be present for every scene and thus there are senior and junior producers who work under them on the film. The producer of the film is the one who invests finance into the project and gets it running till sponsors and advertising is funded. They are the last word for all the details regarding the film and it's creation from making any changes to the scenes to what format the film should be released in.