Ali Quli Mirza, whose full name is Nawab Ali Quli Mirza Bahadur, belongs to a royal family (Najm-i-Sani Dynasty).He was born in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is an Indian actor and a singer. He started his career by working in TV ads.
He acted in advertisements of Mountain Dew and Tavera and has made music albums. He came out with an album titled “Ishquamaan” in Persian that translates to 'My Love'. This album attracted fans with its mix of Middle Eastern and Euro pop style. He is a Dubai-based singer who has belted many Arabic numbers. His most of the achievements are his songs by which he got his fame. His famous song was” bure bure” in the movie” Bluff Master”, which was a hit song and he also sang other songs in Arabic and in other languages.
He was noticed by the public when he appeared on the TV screen and took part in a famous TV show named Big Boss 8 in which he was a contestant .He played very well in that reality show and he was among the top five contestants, and in that show he also got a wild card entry. This show made him popular. He also worked in some films and worked with actors like John Abraham and Katrina Kaif in movie “ New York”. He also played a role in the movie “Roa’Tiger of the Sundarbans”, directed by Kamal Sadanah. Now he is currently working on his new album.
Ali Fazal Hindi Actor

Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal is an Indian actor who was born on 15th October 1986 in Mumbai. He is from a Muslim family. He attended The Doon School in Dehra Dun where he developed his passion for theatre. He started his career by working in the TV advertisement and working on the television screen and did advertisements for Pizza Hut, Micromax Mobile, Union Bank of India, Slice, LG and other advertisements. Along with the advertisements, he also did theatre named Prithvi In Mumbai. Rajkumar Hirani, the famous director, when attended one of Fazal’s performance, he decided to offer him a role is his movie which is the biggest hit named “3 Idiots”. Ali’s charming touch to the role adds an air of sympathy to the character of Joy. In this movie, he worked with actors like Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Madhavan. Ali made his place in the film industry and was picked up by the Shahrukh khan production house and he was made to cast in “Always Kabhi Kabhi”. Though, it was a major flop movie, Ali’s performance was praised by the audiences. After that movie, he played a lead role in a new movie “Fukrey”, which was a major hit and he played a lead role in that movie. Now he is working in many Bollywood projects and he also worked in a Hollywood movie titled “Furious 7”. Now he is working in many new projects and some of them are “Future 15” and “Ek Tho Chance”. Another version of Bio...  Ali Fazal the Indian Bollywood actor, who has made his place in Bollywood industry successfully. His charm and aura never fails to impress people around him. Ali fazal has his home town in Lucknow India and belongs to a Muslim family. He started off his career by doing commercials and was noticed for his good looks and charming smile. Ali Afzal noticed by Shah Rukh Khan’sproduction house for his star role in ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’. The film didn’t do well on box office but his acting capability was encouraged by The Times of India. Ali fazal arose with a box office hit movie ‘Fukrey’ in 2013 in which he gracefully attired the role of a struggling musician. Fazal did a comedy drama film ‘Bobby Jasoos’ but the film didn’t hit a blockbuster. AnywayFazal’s performance was regarded as outstanding by Times of India. His performance received amazing responses in the movie ‘Three idiots’ which was a super hit on box office. His movie ‘Sonali Cables’ also revealed his sizzling chemistry and romantic side. Whatever movie he does he never fails to awe everyone, his acting keeps everyone spell bound. His charisma and charm never fails to impress even in a movie that didn’t manage to do business his appearance is surely noticed and his acting skills are appreciated. The prove comes from the fact that in a short time span of his struggling period his extraordinary forceful appearance was noticed by Rob Cohen and he was given a role of tycoon in ‘Fast And Furious 7’


Alok Rajwade

Ali Rajwade is a young and talented Indian actor and director. He lives in pune, India. He is recently studying in Pune University and has worked in different TV serials and also in theatre. He has worked in Natak Company and also in Aaskta Kalamanch and other theatres. He has also played a role in RAAM MADHAV in which he was acted as a brave son of Nanasaheb Peshwa.He is a young fine theatre actor and director who has directed many plays and is slowly gaining fame. Alok Rajwade is famous in Mumbai and in other cities for the direction of his plays and some of them is “CHAKRA”, and “GELI EKVEES VARSHA”, and he has also won awards for these plays. He has won many awards; he has also received the distinguished “Sawai Abhineta Puraskar” award for his distinguish performance in the play which is named as “JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM”. He has also acted in films, some of them are “Udedhboon” which is the winner of the Silver Bear award and also won the National Award. For the films titled “Satbande”, “Vihir”, and “Gadyalancha Dawakhana”, he was awarded the “best short film award” at PIFF '09. Founder of pune drama society, actor/director Aalok Rajwade says, “Our Company was launched six years ago. The members of our group share a common bond, which is our love for theatre. The rapport we share makes whatever we do a “fun experience”. Natak Company is collaboration between students of Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce and Fergusson College, who have continued with the endeavour after stepping out of college.

Alok Rajwade Hindi Actor