10 Bollywood Look Alike In Hollywood

10 Bollywood Look Alike In Hollywood  Hindi Article

It’s uncanny how some Bollywood actors resemble their counterparts in Hollywood. We’re here to compare their features and see how similar they look.


Here are 10 Bollywood and Hollywood Actors who look like they could be twins


1 - Katrina Kaif and Cobie Smulders

Robin, from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, contains so many similarities with Katrina Kaif, it’s not even funny. The two have similar plump lips and almost same features.

2 - Hrishitaa Bhatt and Alyssa Milano

The two looks like they could be twins, it’s shocking. Almost exact features starting from face to everything.

3 - Bradley Cooper and Hrithik Roshan

The two actors look like Greek Gods personified, while Bradley has light blue eyes, Hrithik Roashan has light hazel ones. The rest of their attributes are so same that they could be brothers separated at birth. If only.

4 - Priyanka Chopra and Eva Mendes

Both dusky beauties from different heritages, their features match as well as their sex appeal. Priyanka Chopra looks like the Indian Eva Mendes and vice versa.

5 - Roger Federer and Arbaaz Khan

The two have the same nose and the same hair, it’s like they’re the same person. These similarities are striking.

6 - Ranbir Kapoor and Ryan Gosling

One is the heartthrob of Bollywood, and one is the heartthrob of Hollywood. Plus they both look fabulous in a suit. Do we need any more evidence? I think not!

7 - Preity Zinta and Drew Barrymore

Both actresses are known for their bubbly personas, and happy attitudes. Even their dimples are somewhat similar.

8 - Dia Mirza and Anne Hathaway

Both of them are the epitome of delicate and their dark brown hair along with their beautiful smiles makes us wonder if the two could be sisters.

9 - Deepika Padukone and Irina Shayk

The dusky beauties have similarities that are uncanny. Irina has light green eyes, but the rest of their features match perfectly. It’s unnatural.

10 - Emraan Hashmi and Colin Farrell

The serial kisser of Bollywood and the Hollywood heartthrob have similar face structure. Add a beard to both and you wouldn’t know who is who.

These resemblances make us wonder if somewhere along the way these people got separated. But their talent for acting makes us think something is fishy.