Born as Bradley Charles Cooper on 5th January 1975, in Philadelphia, he is a producer and an American Actor. His family includes mother Gloria and elder sister Holly. His father, Charles Cooper died in the year 2011. The household that he was raised in was essentially Catholic. He was raised for the most of his childhood in Jenkintown and Rydal. Soon after he was born, he was diagnosed with cholesteatoma which is an ear disease. 

He got his graduation degree of B.A. in English from Georgetown University. He did a job at Philadelphia News Daily while he was getting his education at Georgetown and it is here that he also was believed to be medalist on Heavyweight crew team. He got his Masters degree from Actors Studio Drama School, in Fine Arts in acting. While studying here, he worked at the Morgans Hotel as a doorman. 

Cooper accepts that before he fell in love with acting, he was an avid cook and used to love his cutlery skills. Cooper is also very fluent in speaking French. He abstains from drinking as he quit alcohol at the age of 29. He used to own two dogs; both of them were rescued ones. The name of the first dog was Samson and the second one which is a chow retriever mix was called Charlotte. 

In the beginning, it was quite difficult for Bradley to look for suitable and serious roles for himself because he was thought to be only a ‘pretty boy’ by the casting agents. He was given the title, by the People’s Magazine, of the Sexiest Man Alive in the year 2011 and was also on the 10th number in a list of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars which was arranged by the Empire Online List, in the year 2013. Bradley got married to Jennifer Eposito and divorced, in a span of less than a year. He dated a range of ladies ever since namely Renee Zellweger, Zoe Saldana, Suki Waterhouse and Irina Shayk.

 He has to his name three consecutive Oscar Nominations and four nominations for Academy Award. His debut movie was Sex and the City (1999) and also was seen in the series of Hangover and was also the voice-actor in Guardians of Galaxy.
Brad Garrett English Actor

Brad Garrett

Born to Barbara and Albert Gerstenfield on April 14, 1960, Brad is a TV personality, a stand-up comedian and an actor. Jeff and Paul are two of his elder brothers and are Jewish by origin. He went to George Ellery Middle School and further studied at El Camino High school. He decided to pursue his career of being a comedian and therefore dropped out of UCLA. Brad is known to be a professional player at Poker. He is believed to have been working in TGI Fridays in the early 1980s as a waiter. In the month of May, 1999, Garret made a proposal to Jill Diven when they were working for the series Everybody Loves Raymond. They together had a son whom they named Maxwell Bradley Garret. He was born on 14th of October 1998. They welcomed a daughter, whom they named Hope Violet Garret, on January 2000. They both however separated ways in the year 2005. Brad is most famously known for his height which is a whopping 6 feet 8.5 inches. He is believed to be the youngest comedian to have performed on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He appeared for the first time in this show when he was 23 years of age. Garret has received 5 nominations for Emmy Award for his appearance in Everybody Loves Raymond and also bagged an Emmy Award for the category of Outstanding Supporting role three times. He could also be seen in movies like Suicide Kings which came out in the year 1997. Apart from his extraordinary tall stature and acting skills, he’s also known for his voice which is very deep and different. Owing to this popularity of his voice he has worked as a voice-actor for many movies like Ratatouille, Superman: The Animated Series to name a few.


Brandon Routh

Catherine LaVonne and Ronald Wayne gave birth to Brandon Routh on 9th of October 1979. He was born in Norwalk, USA. The household he was raised in was a Methodist one. He has three other siblings in his family. Brandon took his education from Norwalk High School and participated in activities like that of music, sports and theater in school. He then went to Lowa University where he took his degree in Scottish Literature because wanted to be a writer in life. Routh accepts that he was a momma’s boy as a child. He apart from acting and sports plays instruments like piano and trumpet. In order to pay his tuition fee, he became a part-time actor and modeled while studying at University of Lowa. Coincidently, he was a huge fan of superman comics and movies when he was a child. At a Halloween party, he went dressed as Superman in the year 2003. It was surprising enough that he bagged the role of superman in the movie Superman Returns the very next year of this incident. He dated Courtney Ford and got engaged in the year 2006. They finally became a couple on 24th of November 2007. They welcomed their son James Routh on 10th of August, 2012. He is widely known for his extremely famous role of Superman in the movie Superman Returns which came out in the year 2006. Although the box office reactions to this movie were pretty disappointing, he still managed to gain appreciation for his portrayal of Superman and also got the Best Superhero Award by Spike TV defeating Hugh Jackman. After playing Superman, he appeared in the superhero series Arrow and played the role of The Atom. He can also be seen playing himself as a cameo role in Bollywood movie Kambakkht Ishq (2009). Other movies that he did were Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and The Fling in which he acted and co-produced too.

Brandon Routh English Actor