Mandy Moore English Actress

Amanda Leigh Moore was born on 10th of April in New Hampshire, USA. Her mother Stacy Moore was a news reporter who worked for Orlando Sentinel. Her father, Donald Moore was a pilot in American Airlines. Apart from her parents in the family, she has two more brothers. The elder brother named Scott and younger brother, Kyle. She became interested in cinema and singing at a very young age. Her grandmother was a dancer and Mandy at a very tender age got greatly inspired by her. Moore was 13 years old when she began working on music on her own. Later, she signed with ‘Epic records’. Moore is an American actress, singer and lyricist. Moore first came to light was with her first single debut “ Candy Candy is a thriller and exhilarating web series. I >> Read More... Candy ” which was out in 1999. Her first album, “so real” received a Platinum certification from RIAA. In the year 2000, she launched her new album ‘I wanna be with you’ and she released her self-named album ‘Mandy Moore’ in the year 2001. Besides her musical career, Moore made her way into acting as well. With the film, Dr. Dolittle2, which came in 2001, she made her film debut.

Although it was a minor voice role. ‘A walk to remember’ based on the novel of Nicholas Sparks came in 2002 and Moore bagged herself her first starring role in it. Nicholas Sparks is a writer and novelist from America. Moore made her way into acting with ‘Princess Diaries’. The movie was a big hit at the box office. In 2004, she played the role of Hilary Faye in the drama ‘Saved!’. The film revolves around the topics such as religion, fear of humans (homophobia), teen pregnancy, etc. In 2009, she released her latest album ‘Amanda Leigh’. It has folk style music with a taste of country and pop music. Mandy’s most successful album ever was ‘Mandy Moore’. When this album was released, Moore was 17, and the album was awarded Gold in US and Multi-Platinum in the Philippines. Moore got married to the famous musician Ryan Adams in the year 2009.