Shane West is an actor, musician (punk) and a songwriter. He was born as Shannon Bruce Snaith on June 10, 1978 to Leah Catherine and Don Snaith at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. Shane’s mother is of Cajun French lineage while his father is a Jamaican, British and Portuguese lineage. His parents had a divorce in year 1982 when he was just four years old. His passion for punk music was influenced by his (punk musicians) parents. At ten, he moved to Compton, California to look for a job. Later, he shifted to Norwalk then transferred to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting. In the first two years, the actor has struggled a lot and he lives in his manager’s place before he was debuted as an actor in year 1995 through the television drama, Picket Fences. He appeared in the episode, ‘Heart of Saturday Night’ in the season 4 of the show and bagged the role of Dave Lattimore. 
In year 1998, he made a guest-star appearance in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and essayed the role of Mark Tapper in The Cider House Rules. He bagged his first major role as Eli Sammler, a young basketball player who has learning disability on ABC television series, Once and Again. He was debuted in the big screen through the comedy-drama film, Liberty Heights in 1999. Shane was later co-starred with Marla Sokoloff, James Franco and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe in the teen comedy film, Whatever It Takes in year 2000. In 2001, he played as Bentley ‘ Striker’ Scrumfeld in another teen comedy film, Get Over It.

In 2002, he was co-starred with Mandy Moore in the film adaptation of the novel, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Spark. The film grossed $41-Million in U.S. and Shane received the Teen Choice Award for Choice Chemistry with Many Moore. He was also seen in the music video ‘Cry’ by Moore. He also earned the Young Hollywood Award Male Superstar of Tomorrow.

In year 2003, he was starred in the superhero film, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman as Tom Sawyer in 2003 together with Sean Connery. This film received a commercial success and grossed $179-Million worldwide. After a year, Shane was cast on NBC’s longest running medical drama series, ER and donned the role of Ray Barnett. In 2007, he left the show and was featured in Supreme Courtships. He later returned to ER on its final season. Shane also acted in the independent biographical film, What We Do Is Secret as Darby Crash, the lead vocalist of the band, The Germs. The brilliant actor received positive reviews for his portrayal in the film. He also gained the Rising Star Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival. From 2010 to 2013, he was starred in the television series, Nikita as Michael Bishop. In 2014, he was co-starred as Captain John Alden, a war veteran in the historical fantasy, Salem.

Shane is also the lead vocal of the band, Johnny Was which was initially known as Average Joe.
Billy Bob Thornton English Actor

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton is a popular American director, producer, singer-songwriter and also an eminent actor. He was born on August 4, 1955 at Hot Springs, Arkansas in USA to Virginia Roberta and William Raymond Thornton. His father died when he was 18 years old. Billy is one of the three brothers in their family. He wrote several songs like Island Avenue and Emily. He also recorded his very own albums. When he was a child, he lives in Alpine and Malvern in Arkansas and he was brought up as a Methodist. He finished high school in 1973 and he was good in playing baseball. In fact, he tried out on one of the professional baseball team, the Kansas City Royals but he got injured so he was released. After some time of working for the Arkansas State Transportation Department, he went to Henderson State University to study Psychology, but he dropped out just after 2 semesters.Billy moved to Los Angeles in mid-80’s to become an actor together with Tom Epperson, his writing associate. Initially, he has a rough time on becoming an actor and so he worked in other fields like Telemarketing and Fast Food Management while auditioning for his acting job. He is also a drum player and sang together with Jack Hammer band. While he worked as a waiter in an event, he accidentally served Billy Wilder, a director and screenwriter and he advised Billy to consider being a screenwriter. Billy’s first acting role was from the movie, South Reno Film in 1988, where he bagged the role of a counter man who works in a restaurant. He also did the small role of a pawn clerk in ‘The Photographer’ episode of the series, Matlock in 1987. He was also one of the CBS in the American sitcom, Hearts Afire. In 1992, he has done a villain role in the thriller film, One False Move. He is the co-writer of this film where he got the attention of many critics. Billy was also part of films like Tombstone, Indecent Proposal, On Deadly Ground and Bound by Honor in 1990s. He is the writer, director and he was starred in the independent film, Sling Blade in 1996 and Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade. The Sling Blade was internationally acclaimed and the screenplay gave him the Best Adapted Screenplay award in the Academy Award, Edgar Award and America Award’s Writers Guild. Billy also got the Best Actor nominations in both Oscar and Screen Actors Guild. He essayed the role of Richard Jemmons, a political strategist in the 1998 film, Primary Colors which stars John Travolta. In year 2000, he did the adaptation of the film All The Pretty Horses based on the book with the same title by Cormac McCarthy. He had a bad experience when he has to cut the footage of more than an hour and this made him decide to stop directing films. The film Daddy and Them was filmed earlier.In year 2000, Billy made an appearance in Travis Tritt’s music video for Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde song. The actor was known as a ‘tattoed’ hairy man’s man. After the success of his film, Sling Blade, Billy acted in various major films like the Armageddon and A Simple Plan in 1998. In year 2001, this actor also directed the films, Daddy and Them alongside with his three other films: the box-office hit, Bandits, Monster’s Ball with Halle Berry and the British-American film, The Man Who Wasn’t There, from which Billy got several awards. In year 2003, he played as Willie Stokes, a mischievous Santa in the black comedy film, Bad Santa. The film was a success and he was honored as a leading comic actor, followed by his appearance in the British romantic comedy film, Love Actually, where he played as a Casanova President of the United States. Later in 2004, he bagged the role of Davy Crockett in the war film, The Alamo. On October 7, 2004, he got his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2006, he wrote and essayed the role of Dr. P in the comedy film, School for Scoundrels. He was also seen in films like The Astronaut Farmer, Mr. Woodcock and Eagle Eye. This year, he played as Lorne Malvo in the comedy crime series, Fargo which was based on the film with the same title in 1996. He also appeared as a urologist who gets thrilled when a woman touches him, in The Big Bang Theory.In 1990s, he started to be a singer-songwriter and releases his album, Private Radio in year 2001, The Edge of the World in year 2003, Hobo in year 2005 and his 2007 music album, Beautiful Door.He got married five times to five different women. But unluckily, it all ends with a divorce. He got married to Melissa Lee Gatlin in 1978 and they have a daughter named, Amanda. In 1986, Billy re-marries actress, Toni Lawrence but a year after, they got separated and had a divorce in year 1988. He was also married to Cynda Williams, his co-star in his debut as a writer of One False Move. Billy also married, Pietra Dawn Cherniak of Playboy magazine in 1993 and they have two sons named William and Harry James. The two had a divorce in year 1997. From 1997 to 1999, the actor was engaged to be married to actress, Laura Dern but in year 2000, he married his co-star in Pushing Tin, Angelina Jolie. They adopted a child in March 2002, however, it was revealed that it was only Jolie who adopted the Cambodian child. They ended their relationship in 2002 and had a divorced after a year. From 2003 up to this time, Billy has been in a relationship to Connie Angland and they have a daughter named, Bella.


Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is an eminent British-Canadian actor, producer and also a director. He was born as Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland on December 21, 1966 at Paddington, London. His father is Donald Sutherland and his mother is Shirley Douglas who are both Canadian actors. Kiefer has a twin sister named, Rachel. When his family shifted to Corona, California, his parents had a divorce in year 1970 and then he moved with his mother in Toronto in year 1975. He went to Crescent Town Elementary School and later attended St. Clair Junior High East York. Kiefer also studied at John G. Althouse Middle School to study elementary. In high school, the actor attended six different schools like St. Andrew’s College in Aurora, Martingrove Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Silverthorn Collegiate Institute in the west end of Toronto, Malvern Collegiate Institute and also in Annex Village Campus. He also studied one semester in Regina Mundi Catholic College in Ontario. Later, Kiefer also attended Sir Drederick Banting Secondary School to do his weekly acting lessons. The first film he did in U.S. is Stand By Me which is based on Stephen King’s novella entitled, The Body. The multitalented actor appeared in over 70 films including the Young Guns and Young Guns II, Flashback, The Vanishing, The Sentinel, The Three Musketeers, Dark City, A Few Good Men and more.He also appeared in the popular teen horror film, The Lost Boys in 1987, where he played as David, a mysterious head of a gang. In 1990, he bagged the main lead role as Nelson Wright in the sci-fi thriller film, Flatliners which also stars Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon , Oliver Platt and William Baldwin. He acted as Freddie Lee Cobb in the film adaptation of A Time to Kill novel by John Grisham in 1996. In 2002, Kiefer played as the mysterious caller in the psychological thriller film, Phone Booth.The inauguration of Keifer’s Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto happens in year 2005; the same year where his parents where both inducted as well. He got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in year 2009. Keifer is the first guest to become the child of a former guest in the television show, Inside the Actors Studio. Donald Sutherland also made a guest appearance on the show in year 1998. The actor was also featured on the cover of the biweekly magazine, Rolling Stone on April 2006. He was also featured in Japan’s CalorieMate commercial, where he did his parody in the character of Jack Bauer. He has done voice-overs for the ad campaign of various brands like Ford Motor Company of Canada and Apple Inc. He also appeared in some television commercials and did narration for many promotional spots. Keifer also voiced some characters on video games like Sgt. Roebuck in Call of Duty: World at War and more.He was also one of the producers of The 1 Second Film. Keifer was debuted in Broadway through the revival of the 1972 play, That Championship Season. He was also featured in the thriller television series, Touch on Fox, where he played the role of Martin Bohm, an ex journalist who became a baggage handler and a father of an 11-years old autistic child.Since 2001, Keifer gained popularity for bagging the role of Jack Bauer, an agent of the Counter Terrorist Unit in the serial drama, 24. After his four nominations as the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at the Primetime Emmy Award, he finally got the award in year 2006 for playing the role in the series. He also received nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Television Series at the Golden Globe Awards in 2007. In 2006, he became the highest-earning television actor for gaining a salary of $40-Million for acting in three seasons of the show. However, in year 2010, the production of the 8th season of the show was temporarily suspended because of the cyst found in Kiefer’s kidney. The actor waited for few days before he undergo elective surgery and he was expected to return after a week. But Kiefer needed few more days so it was reported that he will return on March 2010. On March 26, 2010, it was reported that the show will end and on May 2013, the show returned but only for a limited series. The 12th episode, 24: Live Another Day was aired on May and July 2014.Keifer was married to Camelia Kath from 1987 to 1990 and their daughter is Sarah Sutherland, an actress who appeared on HBO’s Veep. He got engaged to Julia Roberts, his co-star in Flatliners in 1990. But three days before they got married, their wedding was cancelled. He got married to Kelly Winn on June 29, 1996 and had a divorce in 2008. The actor is a guitar collector and the co-owner of Ironworks.

Kiefer Sutherland English Actor