10 Things To Know Before The Oscars

10 Things To Know Before The Oscars English Article

Oscars are just around the corner as the month nears its end and with an expected virtue that nothing can be expected as far the results are concerned as they always turns out with surprises and wins which we couldn't usually think would come up to be in the first place.

Here are a few things one should know before the Oscars 2016.

1. Winning Streaks Have Come Up

While Spielberg is back with his favorite and long time Collaborator ‘ Tom Hanks’ in 'Bridge of Spies', here's someone who buckles up a bit like Speilberg, David O Russell. Russell brings together the magical ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Quartet, Bradley Cooper - Jennifer Lawrence - Robert De Niro and himself for the Biographical Comedy Drama 'Joy'. Sadly, neither David O Russell nor Steven Spielberg stands a nomination for the ‘Best Directors’, but Jennifer Lawrence seems promising with the ‘Best Actress’ nomination.

2. Chivo Comes up Again

While the last two Oscar Ceremonies were as graceful as they could have been for Emmanuel Lubezki, as he won ‘Best Cinematography’ for ‘ Gravity’ and consecutively for ‘ Birdman’. This year he is up with one of his finest works, ‘ The Revenant’. After looking at the visuals and the canvas he's painted, Chivo can probably take one home even this time. He is on a streak now.

3. There's No Hans Zimmer Magic This Time

Though there is not any release this year where celebrated composer Hans Zimmer's tunes are woven into but the nominations for Best composer, this time, suggest something else with the name Ennio Morricone right at the top on it. Honorary ‘Academy Award’ Winning Italian Composer ‘Ennio Morricone’, who's also nominated five times earlier, can probably take one for Quentin Tarantino's ‘ The Hateful Eight’.

4. Tarantino Misses Out

Quentin Tarantino's style for the unique characters and dialogues with his brilliant use of Violence always found a spot in the nominations. But this time, as it turns out Tarantino neither stands a nomination for the ‘Best Director’, nor for the ‘Best Screenplay’ for his most awaited 8th Feature “The Hateful Eight” which faced leaks on its course.

5. Alejandro G. Iñárritu Rings a Second

The Revenant turned out to be one of the best films, ever seen, ever made and looked like even the making behind, dealt with testing people and efforts that are far better than the rest, stretching in a most grotesque way possible. The nomination is Alejandro's Second Consecutive nomination for the ‘Best Director’. Last time he was nominated, he took home, one for Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

6. Oscars So White

The racial and religious disharmony is very well depicted even this year in the Oscars, the second consecutive year. ‘ Spike Lee’ was somehow right to take it to social media and be open about boycotting the Oscars even if he is nominated for one of the categories. His statements further incited other people who refused to attend the Oscars and hence commenting that there always has been a racial problem that dictates over the ceremony.

7. Surprise Awaits For DiCapiro

Leonardo DiCaprio took home an Academy Award for ‘The Revenant’. So is it something that we all have been expecting and not letting a word out of our mouth? ‘The Revenant’ shows Leo in one of the most fragile yet fascinating performances, undoubtedly the best of all time. As, it all seems to be promising, we all hope that he gets a bite this time after all the four times he has been nominated, starting right from ‘ Titanic’ to ‘The Revenant’. All hopes alive Leo.

8. Scoring loud

Most anticipated films of this year, ‘The Revenant’, ‘ The Martian’ and ‘Mad Max Fury Road’, bags in most of the nominations as expected. It’s their uniqueness which paved the way for ‘The Revenant’ to land up with 12 Nominations, ‘Mad Max Fury Road’ with 10 nominations and ‘The Martian’ with 7. The scores always turn out to be loud when the films deliver the way they are expected to deliver.

9. Time To Be Proud

A young Indian boy bored with his father’s Meditation, start Day-dreaming of Hindu gods as superheroes, turns out to be the plot for Sanjay Patel's Animated Short film - Sanjay's Super Team. The Film found its place within the category of Best Animated Short Film, wherein also making the Indians back home feel proud among the biggies in Hollywood.

10. Deakins Misses Out

Who doesn't recognize and appreciate the Work and the Flow of Roger Deakins from behind the Camera?. It turns out that he doesn't stand a nomination with Emmanuel this time for his commendable work behind the camera in ‘ Sicario’.