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Gravity Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

The trailer shares the fact with people that there is just vacuum at 372 miles above Earth and neither sound, nor air can be carried. It states that life is impossible in space. A mishap terrifies the astronauts and they have been stuck in the space. The astronauts struggle hard to combat their frightening circumstances. Trailer beautifully exhibits the ambience of outer space.

The visual effects are marvellous and everything seems very real. Every time one watches this, the heart is bound to beat faster than ever. It received 1,086,371 views on Youtube. Warner Bros. Uk released four trailers for the film. The movie revolves around the tale of Dr. Ryan Stone, NASA’s biomedical engineer. She boards the space shuttle Explorer for her first space mission. Veteran astronaut Kowalski is on his final mission. During a spacewalk, they receive a warning of debris approaching them at high speed.

Despite their efforts to reach Explorer, they couldn’t do so and Stone gets detached from the shuttle. Kowalski saves her and they venture out to reach the International Space Station for safety. Their shuttle is damaged. They discover that even the ISS has taken the hit and it has been desolated. Another accident takes away Kowalski’s life. Stone has now become solitary and she has to find ways to reach Earth. She gets extreme feelings of isolation. Despite the challenges, she musters courage, uses her wits and with the help of the available resources, she succeeds in reaching the Earth.

The movie was welcomed with tremendous positivity by the audience. Critics have given complete appraisal for the movie’s phenomenal display of acting, cinematography, visual effects and directing.