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The Revenant Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

The Revenant is an American western film based on real events. Alejandro G. Iñárritu, an award-winning director, directed, co-wrote, and co-produced this gritty survival movie. The story revolves around Hugh Glass’s quest for vengeance against the man who betrayed his trust. The plot centers around the events experienced by frontiersman Glass and the screenplay is to some extent taken from the novel by Michael Punke.

The trailer for ‘The Revenant’ opens with a breathtaking shot of mountains blanketed with white, pristine snow. In the next few scenes, we can see clips of a battle between Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and the hunting party fighting against the war tribe. The shots are incredible, and the cinematography is spectacular in capturing the background settings, the raw emotions on the faces of the actors, and the bleak atmosphere of the film.

The sound of the rhythmic breathing, with the beats of the drums, and the tribal chanting in the background gives a sense of urgency and drama to the ongoing scenes of the trailer. The shooting locations were marvelous, and the camera work is spectacular. The performance of the actors, along with the exceptional cinematography, and direction lifts the movie to an award-winning level. Leonardo DiCaprio plays his character with such expressive and raw emotions that he finally won that elusive Oscar award. The other actors including Tom Hardy, who plays the role of the villain, Domhnall Gleeson, who plays the role of Andrew Henry, and finally, Will Poulter, who plays the role of Jim Bridger.

The movie received wide critical acclaim and also received many nominations and wins. Iñárritu won the Oscars for Best Director; Emmanuel Lubezki won the Best Cinematography category, and Leonardo DiCaprio won the award for Best Actor. The film used actual locations, with live performances, and without the usage of a green screen; this made the movie all the more compelling and the effects used were phenomenal and effortless.