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Top 10 Bengali Films Shot Abroad

Top 10 Bengali Films Shot Abroad Bengali Article

Bengali films have been creating stories of several genres. They have been shooting their shots in India as well as abroad. This is done as per the requirement of the scene based on the plot. This is also done for visual attraction, which is done on songs. Here is a list of the Bengali films that are shot abroad.

1. Tintorettor Jishu

The film Tintorettor Jishu is about finding a lost painting. There lives a Niyogi family. They have a famous painting of Jesus. It is a painting by the Italian artist Tintoretto. One day, someone from the family steals it. Now, buyers from abroad are interested in it. The owner calls Feluda to solve this case. He is asked to find the thief and bring back the painting. Feluda goes to Hong Kong when it shows the lead. Finally, he solves the case. A stranger helps him in this investigation.

2. Hitlist

The film Hitlist has a song shot in a Southeast Asian country. Five people work in an office. It is an ad agency company. Four of them have one decision, and one have something else planned. The odd one is Rana. The four call Rana to agree with them. But he disagrees. One of them, in anger, accidentally kills Rana. They put his body in his car. They drown him. Later police find it. Now, Rana’s wife, Anindita has joined the company. One of the four workers, Joy, dies in a car accident. Subha is the person who killed her husband. He comes closer to her. He invites her for dinner. She brings home-cooked food. Then he dies of food poisoning. Now the police are investigating the case.

3. Ogo Bideshini

The film Ogo Bideshini is shot in London. Ankush works in London. He is a Bengali man. He has a girlfriend named Alexandra. She is an English girl. They live together. One day, his parents visit him. His mother cannot speak or understand English. She does not know anything about Alexandra. She knows that she is a neighbor. They both become good friends. They roam London. His mother wants him to marry a pure Bengali Brahmin girl. She arranges his marriage. Alexandra is heartbroken. But she accepts it. But later, his mother understands.

4. Bolo Na Tumi Amar

The film Bolo Na Tumi Amar has a song that is shot in Bangkok. Madhurima is a medical student. She goes to North Bengal for a tour. There she meets Abhishek. He is a pizza delivery boy. One day her father saw her with him. He is angry. He fixes her marriage with Soumyadeep Sen. He is a policeman. It was a misunderstanding that Abhishkek and Madhurima were together. To resolve his mistake, he tells to her fiancée that he loves her. But he is just acting to save her from this marriage. Now things get worse.

5. Wanted

The film Wanted has a song shot in Thailand. It has a scene of chasing, which is also shot abroad. Rajkumar Banerjee, also known as Raja, and Joy are killers. They kill professionally. They charge fifteen million per kill. Amarnath Ganguly is a political head. He wants to fabricate his death. He does this to gain sympathy. But someone kills him. Raja was there, but he ran away. Police are now after him. He meets a common person, Shibu. Police mistakenly kill Shibu. Now Raja goes to Shibu’s village. Now Shibu’s family thinks that Raja is Shibu. They are seeing him after a long time. It was Joy who killed Ganguly. He got twenty million for that.

6. Josh

The film Josh has a song shot in Thailand. Indra and Rajib are good friends. They study in the same college. Indra comes to Rajib’s house. He sees his sister, Anuradha. She is also known as Anu. He is attracted to her. Anu studies abroad in Singapore. She returns to India. She is drawn to Indra. Indra and Anu go to Kolkata to attend his sister’s marriage. Rudra is a man from the village. He is the villain. He attacks them. He takes away Anu. Now Indra saves her.

7. Ley Chakka

Ley Chakka has a song shot in Singapore. North Kolkata has a cricket team named 11 Bullets. They are not good at playing. People of different professions joined to form this local team. Two teams, 11 Bullets and another team from South Kolkata, play a match. Abir is the hero. He is from the Soth team. He smashes everyone alone. But one day, he and his family come to stay in the north. It was in the locality of the 11 Bullets. It is Dorjipara. They have their local problems. Abir tries to solve it.

8. Mon Mane Nah

The film Mon Mane Nah has a song that is shot in Bangkok. Rahul and Ria are traveling to Siliguri. She is running away from her home. She wants to meet her boyfriend. And he has his work. He has stolen something which he wants to sell. They both are traveling separately. He unknowingly hides his stolen material in her bag. The bag is then stolen by someone. They both chase together after the thief.

9. Jamai 420

The film Jamai 420 is mostly shot in Bangkok. Soham Chakraborty, Ankush Hazra, and Hiran Chatterjee are the three men, and Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan, and Payel Sarkar are the three men. They end up in Bangkok together. They have errors in their marriages in India. Their parents have different plans from theirs. Thus, this film is a comedy of errors. Many comical incidents follow.

10. Dui Prithibi

The film Dui Prithibi has several scenes shot in Bangkok. Rahul Roy is the son of Abhiraj Roy. He is a multi-millionaire. He lives a lavish lifestyle. He is a happy person who has everything he wants. He meets Nandini one day. She is a young doctor. He proposes to her. It is challenged by his friends. She is an orphan. She helps the poor. But Rahul does not love this behavior of her. She loves him, but his behavior is not acceptable to her. She comes to know about the challenge. She gets over him. One day he meets Shibu. He is a motorbike thief. He speaks with him. He understands poor people. He changes.