Jai Vidhya is a voice-over artist who is popular for lending her voice for the popular cartoon series Shin Chan. The Japanese cartoon series is popular, worldwide and Jai Vidhya added a new flavor to the character, Mitsy, Shin Chan’s mother. Her energetic voice had always impressed the audience and it had taken the series to reach a wide range of audiences. When she yells, Shin Chan and Harry, almost all the audiences laugh out loud. Jai Vidhya had been voicing for Mitsy for more than a decade. Jai Vidhya had been in the film and TV industry since her childhood. She had more than 35 years of experience. She is popular for her poems, which she recited on Ceylon radio.

Jai Vidhya had also performed in many plays. Vidhya is a good narrator and she had narrated Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan and it is available in the audio format. Narrating a novel needs a lot of expertise, as the narrator had to modulate the voice for different characters and Vidhya is one such. Jai Vidhya had also dubbed for a lot of animal cartoons for children’s audiobooks, which she finds interesting. Vidhya had also rendered her voice to a lot of serial actresses. She has got a special set of fans for her unique voice.