Pooja is one of the leading voice over artists in the south. She started her career as an employee in L&T. Pooja’s husband is a sound engineer. When she visited him during the dubbing session of a Telugu version of the show, That’s So Raven, she decided to shifter her career to voice-over. As she was impressed by the show, Pooja decided to learn Telugu and surprisingly, she learned the language in just a month. Later, she started doing voice overs for some characters in That’s So Raven. Besides being a voice-over actor, she is a lyricist as well as a scriptwriter.

Pooja had not only lent her voice to the actresses but to the kids too. She had lent her voice for a small boy in the Tamil serial, Aadhira. Pooja doesn’t stick to a particular language. She is versatile in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and English, which is why she receives ample opportunities in the dubbing industry. Pooja also undertakes translation as one of her careers and she had been working in commercials too.