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Chakri Toleti hails from Visakhapatnam, India. He was born on April 20 1981. Chakri Toleti is a famous screenplay writer, actor, director and VFX coordinator in the film industry. He is well known for his works in both Kollywood and Tollywood. He made his acting debut when he was eight years old. His father Mr. Thambu was a good friend of a few leading directors like K. Vishwanath, K. Balachandar, Bhagyaraj, Bharathi Raja and Jandhyala. His father used to help them in writing scripts and dialogues. That made Chakri captures his debut film. K. Vishwanath was the one who offered him a role in his film Sagarasangamam.

His debut film as a child artist was Sagarasangamam. In that talkie, he played the role of a photographer. And that character made him grapple many other movies. After that, he has acted in about 15 movies, and his last movie as a child artist was Paila Pachis. After that movie, for around 15 years he did not get in any other flicks. He substantially concentrated on his studies. He left to U.S.A to pursue his bachelor’s in VFX and got through it fortunately. After the completion of his degree, he joined Disney and worked in the VFX department for three years. After that, he started running his entrepreneurial organization.

Besides doing all that, he was also waiting for an opportunity in movies. He came back with a movie called Dashavatharam where he played a character of Sai Ram as a friend of Kamal Hassan. When that movie shooting was taking place in Florida, he was the one who arranged the team for stunt sequences out there as he completed his bachelor degree there he was familiar with all the things over there. And that helped the movie team a lot. Meanwhile, the bonding between Kamal Hassan and Chakri also became stronger. Once, Chakri happened to see a film called The Wednesday.

He liked the content in the film and discussed the script with Kamal Hassan. Kamal immensely liked the script and asked him to direct that film in both Telugu and Tamil featuring him as a hero. And that is how Unnaipol Oruvan happened. It is a bilingual film directed in Telugu as well as in Tamil. In Tamil, it starred Kamal Hassan and Mohanlal in the lead roles. In Telugu, Venkatesh had played Mohanlal’s role and the movie in Telugu is titled as Eenadu. After these movies, he bagged an opportunity to direct Ajith for Billa-II. Next, he directed a movie called Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Click to look into! >> Read More... which featured Nayan as the leading actress.

Currently, he is directing a film in Hindi which is the remake of his Tamil movie Kolaiyuthir Kaalam. Besides directing, he has also tried his luck at acting in a few of the movies like Chinna Veedu, Mayuri, Billa-II. He is quite inquisitive and passionate. He has had great exposure to the film world. He loves watching films. What kind of genre it might be he like watching them. He'll not stick up on only to a particular genre. His favourite directors are Alfred Hitchcock and Clint Eastwood He is a legendary actor and considered to be the m >> Read More... . He loves the way they both connect with the audience. He has a lot of interesting and new ideas. And he is trying to implement them one by one. All he needs is a platform to explore his skills.


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