Punnagai Poo Gheetha

Other names of Punnagai Poo Gheetha: Punnagai Poo Geetha, Punnagai Poovae Geetha

Geetha Ammasee, who is well known as Punnagai Poo Geetha born in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia is a very talented person, who has achieved a great amount of reputation from her work, from being a Radio personality to a film producer and an actress, in the Tamil Film industry. She started off her career as a host on a Malaysian TV channel NTV7, on a show, Rhythm, and Raaga. Then later she went off to start a job in a Malaysian Tamil Radio Station, Time Highway Radio Raaga. Being a part of the Radio station since the beginning, made her good at what she is. On side she did hosting jobs, as she worked there in the radio station at the same time being called as a Punnagai Poo, which means smiling flower in Tamil, which turned out to be her nick name in time.

She also produced telefilms during this time, as she was working as a host and at the radio at the same time, which later helped her to open her advertising company known as SG. Later after this she came to India, with the intentions to produce a movie, and she did in the name of the production studio named SG Films. The movies she released were Arintum Ariyamalum (2005), directed by Vishnuvardhan Vishnuvardhan was born in Mysore. He attended high >> Read More... Vishnuvardhan , a family friend of hers. And it wasn’t very easy to do things on her own, to produce a movie on her own, as the distributors weren’t trusting a foreign investor and a women producer.

But then later the movie turned out to be a commercial success and having a huge profit, more than twice. The movie also ran for another 175 days at the theatre, making herself enter into the Malaysian Book Of Records being the first female Tamil movie producer to have a produced a Tamil movie in India. Later this she again produced two more movies, Kundakka Mandakka (2005) and Pattiyal Click to look into! >> Read More... Pattiyal (2006), which was a low budget movie but then turned out to be a commercially successful movie, through which she introduced Malaysian actors in Tamil cinema.

Later after this she went back to Malaysia, back to her job and also did host an Enthiran Click to look into! >> Read More... Enthiran sound track release, held in Kuala Lumpur, with Vivek Vivekanandan is the birth name of the versatile co >> Read More... Vivek in 2010. Then she came back, producing the movie Narthagi (2011) after a long five years, back in India, in which she also had a role for a short period. And then she produced another movie Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam (2012) with Sonia Agarwal Sonia Agarwal is and actress and model in Indian c >> Read More... Sonia Agarwal , where Geetha had a role for more amount of time, as a journalist in which she shot for seven days. After that, she was offered a lead role in a 'C. Kumaresan' movie, which she rejected in the beginning.

But then eventually he had managed to convince her to do it. Being honored as the Best Overseas Artist, she was awarded Edison Award in India. Other movies which she had to act were in Kaaval (2015). And the other movie which she produced was Sivappu (2015). She is bright and has done a lot of things by this young age. And she has a personality to take on more to get through.

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Punnagai Poo Gheetha is the radio personality of Tamil. Not only this, but she is a film-maker as well as an actress. She works in film industry of Malaysia and Tamil. In the radio station of Malaysia, she was popular as the radio jockey (RJ). Before starting the film studio of her own and starting with Tamil cinema, she started to be known as a Malaysian producer. In many events, she worked as a host and has performed in many productions by her and into Malaysian movies. Gheetha took birth in Malaysia, and her father was the “Plantation Owner”. In the television channel of Malaysia “NTV7”, she worked as the host of the show “Rhythm and Raaga” before working in the radio station.

While working in radio, she did jobs related to host, and took steps towards the production of telefilms and went on to open an Advertisement Company called “SG” which was owned by her. Then, she came to India to set up her film production house called “SG Films” and produced “Arinthum Ariyamalum” which was directed by “Vishnuvardhan”. She released the movie on her own because distributors had no belief on foreign investor and a female producer. This film became very successful, and its revenue was two times the cost of its production, and it was in theatres for 175 days. With this, she received an entry into “Malaysian Book of Records” for being the first woman to produce Tamil films in India. T

hen she provided funds next for “Kundakka Mandakka” which was a comedy and a low budget movie and renowned tamil actor ' R Parthiepan Radhakrishnan Parthiepan is a renowned actor, cine >> Read More... R Parthiepan ' acted in the principal role. In this film, she introduced actors of Malaysia into the Tamil Industry. After this, Gheetha and Vishnuvardan together joined hands for the next project “Pattiyal” which became very successful financially. After this movie, she stopped working in Indian cinema for some time and went back to Malaysia for the radio job. She also hosted the release function of “Enthiran” Soundtrack in Malaysia with ‘Vivek’ as a co-host in the year 2010.

After a span of five years, she made her re-entry with the movie “Narthagi”, which was a transgender related drama in which all the actors were new comers and she also performed a small role. After this, her next production was “Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam” in which ‘Sonia Agarwal’ was the lead actress. In this movie, Gheetha worked as the Journalist for a period of seven days. Her first role was in the Malaysia Tamil movie named “ Maindhan Click to look into! >> Read More... Maindhan ”. Although she had done many supporting roles before, at first he was hesitant to act in this film but later changed her mind. She even did stunts in this film and got injured in the process. Maindhan earned her highest grossing for Tamil movie produced in Malaysia. Gheetha won the Edison Award for the Best Overseas Artist.