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Major Sundarrajan Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 1 March 1935

Lived For 67 Years

Major Sundarrajan - (Movie Actor)

Pon Radhakrishnan Tamil Politician
Born: 1 March 1952

Age Now 72

Pon Radhakrishnan - (Politician)

M K Stalin Tamil Politician
Born: 1 March 1953

Age Now 71

M K Stalin - (Politician)

KPY Bala Tamil Comedian
Born: 1 March 1995

Age Now 29

KPY Bala - (Comedian)

Mohana Kanan Tamil Supporting Actor
Born: 1 March 1991

Age Now 33

Mohana Kanan - (Supporting Actor)


Srikanth Tamil Movie Actor
Born: 28 February 1979

Age Now 45

Srikanth - (Movie Actor)

Praveen Antony Tamil Editor
Born: 28 February 1990

Age Now 34

Praveen Antony - (Editor)


RJ Are Power Packed Performers

Over the century, Radio Announcers have become Radio Jockeys, or even more conveniently RJs. RJs have an on-air position in radio broadcasting. Possessing great communication skills, the radio jockeys have a thorough knowledge of music and cinema. They often give valuable piece of information about the nation that may be related to politics, sports, stock exchange and many more. At times, they are speaking about international affairs as well. They frequently give live updates like those of the weather, traffic, or match scores.

They also get celebrities on their shows like music composers, actors, astrologers, travel bloggers and many more and interview them. Another important task that is performed by these radio jockeys is to review and rate films- this also involves gathering the feedbacks from the audience as well. Their voices are emotive and pleasant to the ears. Apart from their voice, they need to make their sessions really interesting and simple- there are times when the RJs conduct several quizzes and games related to films and music. Radio has become a source of information and entertainment at the same time, and one of the prime reasons behind its growth are the RJs. They are also aware of the technicalities and the equipment in the studios that they work in.