With a passion for acting and desire to perform both onstage and onscreen, he left home at an early age, in order to become a part of the Madurai Sri Balashanmuganandha also known as T.K.S Nataka Sabha. He performed in theatres. After having joined the troupe, he started his troupe by the name, 'Seva Stage'. with whom, he staged several plays like Irulum Oliyum, Kangal and Vadivelu Vaathiyar. These dramas went on to be directed to feature films as well. He also adapted storylines from novels by eminent writers, who scripted exclusively for Sahasranamam.

Writers such as Ku.Azhagirisamy, B.S. Ramaiah, T.Janakiraman made these dramas into theatrical movies. Having been concealed with the sincere passion for Mahakavi Subramania Bharati's poems, he brought the poet's masterpiece, 'Panchali Sabhatam' into action. He then began to be known as 'Bharati Kalaignar' since he brought life to those lines of poetry, in reality, he helped the masses connect with it. Although having appeared in about 200 films, he went on to consider theatre dramas, his personal favourite passion.

Sahasranamam  has one son, who is currently appearing on the small screen. Despite being under so much pressure in his day to day life, he was a man of clean habits, a teetotaler who expected his troupe members to practice the same, especially while working as a team. However, despite his good health habits, he suffered from five heart attacks during the years 1974 and 1988. Despite the struggle, he planned for a theatre rehearsal on the 21st February. However, he passed away on the 19th of February by a heart attack.