Sakthi Vasudevan was born on February 23rd, 1983 at Chennai. He took an interest for cinema from his father- P.Vasu, who is a prominent film director in the Tamil film industry. His debut work was the 1991 drama film titled ‘Chinna Thambi’ which was directed by his own father. He played as the younger self of the popular Tamil actor Prabhu. In the following year (1992), He appeared in three other films as a child actor. His performance in all the films was noticeable.

He took a break from acting since 1992 and appeared on screen again in the year 2007 film ‘ Thottal Poo Malarum’ which was also directed by his father. However, the film failed to gain recognition and was a failure at the box office. His next film ‘Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar’ was also a failure even though he had wholeheartedly contributed to his performance in the romantic comedy. But luck favours him in his next film ‘Ninaythale Inikkum’ in which he played a supporting role- ‘ Shakthi’.

The film was a huge success and he was appreciated for his performance in it. It was after the movie’s success that he changed his name to Shakthi Vasudevan from Prashanth Vasudevan. He was married to Smrithi, a Bcom graduate on October 31, 2011. Since his success in ‘ Ninaithale Inikkum’ Shakti’s career is progressing well with a lot of films in production and post-production works. Shakthi has become a household name in Chennai as he even had the privilege of performing as himself in the 2011 film ‘Ko’.

Shakthi is planning to adopt a new screen name after the release of his upcoming film ‘Thakarppu’ he plays an important role in the film. His screen name, according to sources, would be Sakthivel Vasu. The film is currently in its final stages of production.

S. V. Sahasranamam Tamil Actor

S. V. Sahasranamam

With a passion for acting and desire to perform both onstage and onscreen, he left home at an early age, in order to become a part of the Madurai Sri Balashanmuganandha also known as T.K.S Nataka Sabha. He performed in theatres. After having joined the troupe, he started his troupe by the name, 'Seva Stage'. with whom, he staged several plays like Irulum Oliyum, Kangal and Vadivelu Vaathiyar. These dramas went on to be directed to feature films as well. He also adapted storylines from novels by eminent writers, who scripted exclusively for Sahasranamam. Writers such as Ku.Azhagirisamy, B.S. Ramaiah, T.Janakiraman made these dramas into theatrical movies. Having been concealed with the sincere passion for Mahakavi Subramania Bharati's poems, he brought the poet's masterpiece, 'Panchali Sabhatam' into action. He then began to be known as 'Bharati Kalaignar' since he brought life to those lines of poetry, in reality, he helped the masses connect with it. Although having appeared in about 200 films, he went on to consider theatre dramas, his personal favourite passion. Sahasranamam  has one son, who is currently appearing on the small screen. Despite being under so much pressure in his day to day life, he was a man of clean habits, a teetotaler who expected his troupe members to practice the same, especially while working as a team. However, despite his good health habits, he suffered from five heart attacks during the years 1974 and 1988. Despite the struggle, he planned for a theatre rehearsal on the 21st February. However, he passed away on the 19th of February by a heart attack.


Shankar Panikkar

Shankar Panikkar (Panicker), popularly known as Shankar has worked as Indian film actor and is still. He is also a director. He was one of the most versatile lead actors of Malayalam cinema during the 1980s. He was marked as the True romantic hero of Mollywood by Galatta Cinema magazine. Shankar is one of those actors who gave continuous blockbusters. There are some special movies which run all over the cinema for almost the whole year. It acts as the benchmark which everyone wants to make but could rarely match the performance. Not just the movie but the actors in these movies have a special place in the hearts of the audience, and Shankar is one of those actors. His movie, Oru Thalai Ragam, which became the cult romantic film of Tamil film history, stayed on the screen for all 365 days. He has acted over in 150 feature films. Personal Life: Shankar was born in the lands of Kerala, but he was later taken to Chennai when he was just four years old by his parents. He is the son of Kecheriyil Thekkeveettil NK Panicker and Sulochana Panicker. His family also includes his two siblings, Krishnakumar, and Indra. He did his schooling from St. Bede's Anglo Indian High School. He did his graduation in Rishikesh from Gadwarl University, Rishikesh. He also did a two years acting course. Shankar married Rooparekha but unfortunately that relation ended in divorce. Later in 2013, he married Chitra Lekshmi. Presently, Shankar is living in Cochin with his mother. Career: Started his career with the famous blockbuster film, Oru Thalai Ragam, in 1980, as a lead actor, he was one of the most anticipated actors of his time. After the superhit film Oru Thalai Ragam, which ran on the screens for 365 days, he acted in Manjil Virinja Pookkal, a romantic film. After this, he became one of the famous actors of Tamil film industry. He was also a part of Malayalam film industry. He became a romantic hero. Not only he did romantic films but acted as an action hero in Parayanumvayya Parayathirikkanumvayya, which was liked by all. In late 80’s he did fewer films and became a producer in 1986. Shankar was also a part of Television Industry, and his serials were also very successful. He started with 'Ithu Manju Pole and later continued. To continue his career in films and to shine out again he started with directing films and became a director himself. As a marvelous superstar, he made his position as a director too and made his first video film in 2006 named as ‘Kaatti’ on child labor that won him an award too. He also made feature films, and the first one was Virus. It was all about how people suffering from aids are ill-treated in the society, and they should not be rejected by us. Later also, he released another film, Sand City, in 2015 which was all well appreciated.

Shankar Panikkar Tamil Actor