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Sethu was born in India. He is an actor by profession and did many roles in TV series also. He acted in Kollywood mostly in Tamil films. Sethu became very popular after his portrayal in “ Malli Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, it is a daily soap which aired its first episode on 23rd November 2013. A. R. Ramesh directed the show, and it focused on the lives of Shivani and Bala. Bala lost his elder sister, Malli, at a very young age and he mourns when he thinks about her. Shivani belongs to a royal family and never received the love and affection that a child should receive from her parents. Her parents just like many others are blindly running for money and building up their profession.

They have no idea how Shivani feels about them, and there’s a void in her heart that needs to get filled. Shivani receives the love of a brother from Bala and is overwhelmed by him. Bala also thinks Shivani as his elder sister just like Malli and even Shivani also thinks herself as his Bala’s elder sister. The series telecasted only one episode with a total number of 269 episodes. His debuted in cinema with the flick, “ Vaaliba Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... ” which is a comedy one starring Sethu, Nushrat Bharucha Who will forget the dictator and bossy girlfriend >> Read More... , Vishakha Singh Vishakha Singh, daughter of Mr. Jitendra Singh, is >> Read More... , etc. Sai Gokul Ramnath directed it and was initially going to release it in 2014 but due to the problems arising in cast and location, it was released in 2016 and the audience loved it.

The critics appreciated the script and posted positive reviews for it. Sethu played the role of psychiatrist and meant to star opposite Vishakha Singh. It focuses on the family sentiments and how worried situation mold into a comedy scenario. It was hilariously comical and received immense support from the people. Radha composed the music and songs for the picture which also became very popular. It took three years for it to hit the theaters and entertain the masses. Sethu did a commendable job, and the directors became happy. He received many offers from other filmmakers and also got nominated for various awards and nominations.

Sethu’s next is “Maluku Paathi 50-50” which is going to be released this year. He will be acting along with ‘ Swaminathan Swaminathan is a talented and popular Tamil actor. >> Read More... ’, Dharan Kumar Dharan Kumar, whose biggest childhood inspiration >> Read More... , ‘ Mayilsamy Mayilsamy is a popular and veteran television down >> Read More... ’, John Vijay John Vijay was born in 1976. John is a Tamil film >> Read More... , Bala Saravanan Bala Saravanan is an Indian Tamil cinema actor. He >> Read More... , etc. Sethu is a brilliant actor and is an inspiring personality. He is the best example of how people can concrete their place if they deliver their 100%.


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