ldquo Manal Kayiru 2 rdquo released on 23rd December 2016 amidst huge expectations The film is the sequel to the 1982 hit film ldquo Manal Kayiru rdquo fe

Manal Kayiru 2 Movie Review

Manal Kayiru 2 Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Manal Kayiru 2"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 23-12-2016
Genre: Comedy, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Manal Kayiru 2” released on 23rd December 2016 amidst huge expectations. The film is the sequel to the 1982 hit film, “Manal Kayiru” featured by “ S Ve Shekher,” Shanthi Krishna, Kuriyakos Ranga, ‘ Manorama’ and ‘ Visu’. The sequel has Shekher, Visu and Kuriyakos Ranga reprising their roles. Ashwin Shekhar and Shamna Kasim play the lead roles and Jayashri replaces Shanthi Krishna.


In Manal Kayiru, the hero Shekher poses eight conditions while seeking a bride for him and Visu, who played Naradhar Naidu, manages somehow to bring a bride to him. When Shekher comes to know that his wife didn’t satisfy any of his conditions, he turns red. The same thing happens in the next generation. His daughter played by Shamna Kasim alias Poorna poses similar condition when his father seeks her suitable groom. The same Naradhar Naidu plays a mediator in the marriage and brings Ashwin Shekhar. When Shamna comes to know about it what is her reaction? Will she separate from her husband or adjusts with him forms the rest of the plot.

Star Performances:

Ashwin Shekhar and Shamna Kasim are perfect in their roles. Shekher always tops in his performance and Visu accompanies him without any flaws. Ashwin’s comedy timing and dance movements are good. This guy has lot of talents but he had missed to use it in right time. If Shekher had tried out a good film after ’Vegam’, Ashwin might have got a valid place in Kollywood. Coming to Shamna alias Poorna, she had done the headstrong girl role really well.


Madhan Kumar of Yaruda Mahesh directed the film. Shekher has scripted the film, penned the screenplay and dialogues. Why he left the direction to Madhan? But, Madhan had done his part well, except a few flaws.

What’s there?

Performances of all the stars are fantastic

Ashwin has got the gene from his father and hence Timing Comedy works out for him well

Shamna and Ashwin’s pair looks so good

What’s not there?

Some of the acts of Poorna seems to be childish and the screenplay should have rectified that 

Visu’s touch is missing

Cinematography is not impressive

Gives a stage play effect


Overall, it is a comedy fest and a complete family entertainer. If you are a fan of S Ve Shekher and his stage plays, you will never be disappointed by this flick. Enjoy the weekend with S Ve Shekher’s Manal Kayiru 2!