Babu is a multi-faceted personality who mostly works in South Indian film industry. He is a student of University of Madras and had also attended the AM Jain College in Tamil Nadu. He debuted in a movie named Kadai Pura which was released in the year 1993 which he didn’t just act in but also directed.
After acting and directing several movies, he tried launching a great number of movies, and they faced a lot of issues and were more often than not canceled. Among these arrays of Industry Film was Bharathi, which was launched by Babu. This movie was supposedly a big budget film in Tamil language and it starred Kushboo. The pair in the movie had also visited Mother Teresa in order to take her blessing before the release of the film, commencing it with best of wishes and luck. It, however, could never make it to the silver screen. The reason behind him being called a highly talented, multi-faceted personality is his ability to work in almost all the fields that the film industry has to offer.
He has taken up responsibilities of working in fields that relate to screenplay, editing, story and writing dialogues for the movie. Along with these, he is also known to be a famous director, actor as well as a music composer, lyricist and has given his voice for various songs in a number of movie. Apart from being highly talented in all these fields, he has also proved his mettle in dancing as he has choreographed several songs of his movie and also choreographing stunts in action sequences too. When this wasn’t enough, we also know him to have tried his hands in the department that handles special effects and photography. Babu is currently shooting for his horror movie that stars him along with Shakeela and Tejashree named Ninnu Odala.