Saravana Pandiyan is a Tamil Director who works predominantly in the South Indian film industry. He is a native of Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. He got married to Nirmala Devi. He was soon the father of two beautiful daughters with her. His wife, Nirmala Devi, was an assistant professor in the Aruppukkottai Devanga college of Arts and Sciences. In May 2018 she was guilty of being involved in a scandal.

She allegedly had a phone conversation with a group of girls from MKU in which she tempted the female students of the college to get involved in sexual actions with higher officials of the MKU. Saravana Pandiyan stayed in a separate house with his two daughters while investigations were underway. Police officials interrogated Saravan’s wife and held her in custody. Soon she went to the Virudhunagar court, and Magistrate Thilageshwari gave his verdict and extended her judicial custody, and she then served her custodial period in Madurai Central jail.

Saravan Pandiyan rose to success and recognition after his movie Thalaimurai hit the theatres in 1998. The producer of the movie was M. K. Hari Shankar. The cast of the film comprised of many big names like director K. S. Adhiyaman who was in the lead role and other actors like Kanaka Bhanupriya, Rajkiran, Revathi, etc. Music in the film was by Ilayaraja. The movie revolves around a couple who manage to have a baby after seven long years of marriage. Unfortunately, the baby is born dead.

The father of the boy replaces the dead baby with an illegitimate baby to prevent his wife from the sorrow of losing the child. The string of events that take place as the truth gets revealed to the characters in the course of the story. Another movie directed by Saravan Pandiyan is Jennifer Karuppaiyaah.

The movie’s cast includes actor Vasan, Rohini, Mridula Vijay, Rajkiran, Raj Kapoor, Bharani among others and falls in the genre of Romance and Drama. The movie aimed at giving a social message regarding how the increasing plots eat up the land meant for agriculture and farming activities done by the peasants.

The project released in 2016. The director saravan had a nice intention about the social message but as the movie progressed the story deviated and hence the social awareness that he wished to spread was somewhere lost. The film received a below average response at the box office.

RK Tamil Actor


RK is an actor from Tamil Nadu. Before entering into the film industry, he was working as a real estate business man. He is basically from the ‘Velcome City’ that is Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India. RK started his career in 1992 from the movie Villu Pattukaran playing the role of an inspector. This picture was not a great success and received a lot of critic. In 1993, he played a role in Manikuyil which was directed by Raj Barman. This movie features Saradha Preetha and Murali along with Goundamani, Senthil, and several other actors. This movie too didnt receive up to the expected level of support from the audience as it lacked the freshness of the story. In 1994, he played role of Vikram’s friend for the movie Seevatha Ponnu which was directed by A. Chandra Kumar. In 1996 he worked for the talkie Katta Panchayathu in the role of Chidambaram, the show directed by Raghu. After this drama, he did not enter into the big screen industry for almost ten years. After this gap, in 2006, he made a comeback to the cinema industry with the play Poi. The story Poi is by K Balachander. Poi was his last show with K.Balachander as a director. In 2008, he worked for the movie ‘Thoondil’ Tamil romantic drama, directed by KS Adhiyamaan; it is a story of an IT guy who falls in love with a model. He also worked for the drama Valthukal in 2008 which is the Tamil Indian drama directed by Seeman. The show featured Madhavan and Bhavan. He also acted in the screen show Ellam Avan Seiyal as the role of Laxman Krishnan. This movie is a crime thriller which is by produced by Shaji Kailas in which RK played the major role as a lawyer. The movie is primarily a remake of Malayalam play Chinthamani Kola Case casting Suresh Gopi. It is also be made in Telugu as Sri Mahalakshmi again Suresh Gopi as the lead.