Power Star Srinivasan

Other names of Power Star Srinivasan: Srinivasan, Powerstar , Power

Srinivasan was born in 1962 in Simmakal, Madurai. He completed his degree at Madurai Kamraj University. He first worked as a medical practitioner, then moved on to business by setting a finance firm Baba Trading Company. Having seen failure in both of his occupation, he then landed in Cinema Industry. Due to his interest towards films, he moved from Madurai to Chennai. He directed and acted in a film Lathika that was running for 220 days.

This move brought publicity to him and soon he had several online fan clubs, which affected in Srinivasan rechristening his name as 'Powerstar' Srinivasan. With this success, he started producing and acting in movies such as Ananda Thollai, Indrasena, Desiya Nedunchalai.  Actor Santhanam gave a breakthrough for Srinivasan by offering him a pivotal role in his movie Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaya (2013). The movie collected profit at the box office that opened various offers for Srinivasan.

He went on to do various smaller roles in various films that include I, Arya Surya Click to look into! >> Read More... , Summa Nachunu Iruku. He married Vijaya, of Madurai, whom he later divorced and married Julie. He has a daughter named Lathika, whose name he kept for his first film. He has many movies line up for the year 2016 namely Vaaliba Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... , Narathan, Naanum Herodhan, Sowkarpettai.

N. S. Krishnan

N.S. Krishnan was undoubtedly the comedy king in Tamil Cinema who graced the screen for two and a half decade (1935-60). He was given the title of ‘Charlie Chaplin’ of Indian cinema by film cine-goers. Whenever a movie of N.S. Krishnan was shown on screen, and his face appeared, howls of laughter would arise in theaters. That was the magic of this actor who had passed away even before he turned 50.  Born on November 29, 1908, N S Krishnan hails from Nagercoil. He had to earn from his childhood days as his father was very poor to send him to school. He learned to read and write by working in a grocery store. As he was fascinated by drama, stage, and theater, he often used to visit a drama theater in Nagercoil. He even sold drinking bottles and got a free pass to see the dramas in Nagercoil. Thus, he got an opportunity to become a stage actor. From a stage actor, he went to become the unchallenged comedy king of Tamil cinema. Later, he even turned filmmaker and later a politician too. His first film was ‘Menaka’ that released in 1936 and was a hit. Later he went on to act in nearly 150 films in his career. ‘Ambikapathy’ (1957) was N. S. Krishnan's final film. He passed away before the film's release, but as a mark of gratitude, the film was dedicated to him.  N S Krishnan acted with all top stalwarts of Tamil film industry such as Sivaji Ganesan, M.G. Ramachandran, Anjali Devi, Gemini Ganesan, etc. Everyone treated the actor with great dignity and respect. He fell in love with co-artist T A Maduram and married her. His grandson NSK Rajan tried to continue his legacy but appeared in only one film named Nagareega Komaali (2006). His granddaughters Anu Vardhan and Ramya NSK are busy in Tamil film industry as costume designer and playback singer.  N S Krishnan passed away on 30th  August in 1957. He had indeed created a brand comedian image like Charlie Chaplin, and that is why when a statue was opened in his memory in Chennai an actor like Dilip Kumar came to grace the occasion.  

N. S. Krishnan Tamil Actor