Public Relations Officer (0 - 12)


Public Relations Create Reputation

PR or Public Relations is the art of managing reputation of a person or object. A Public Relations Officer or most commonly known as PRO is a person who manages the public image of a client with the help of media. They need to fix the image of the client in the eyes of the fans, audience, and society by using technology, spoken word and other methods. He/ she are responsible for the client’s public image in all aspects. A PRO can be either in-house or appointed from another company known as a PR Consultancy Firm. They could also have their own PR Company or freelance. A public relations officer can be used by all anyone trying to fix their image for various reasons.

PRO’s are found in public sector such as governments and other major companies that are successful in the society. They also work for the private sector for celebrities, politicians, models, sportspersons, films and TV shows or minor companies. Their work varies depending on the client they are working for. PRO have to be updated about their clients’ personal and professional life so as to make things easier.

They make PR strategies to gain publicity for their clients by holding interviews with the media or other methods of magazines, TV channels or the internet. They take care of the publicity and promotional side of the clients. They have good connections with the right people who can get their clients good media coverage and good publicity. They take part in interviews or anything else in place of the actor/actress or their client. They make press releases to get attention talking about their films or TV shows. A PRO is required to fix the any bad publicity or controversies that can happen at any time.