Madhav Deochake is an Indian actor. He was born in a Maratha family in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He did his schoolings and graduation from Mumbai only. He is a theatre artist. He joined theatre in his college days. He did many plays, dramas, etc. He started his career by acting in few serials.
He made his debut in TV industry through the serial “ Hamari Devrani Hamari Devrani is a prominent Indian drama televis >> Read More... ” in 2008. He played the lead role in this serial as “Mohan Nanavati”. This show was telecasted on Star Plus. This show was one of the longest running serials in India. It ended after 951 episodes. The story of the serial was about a girl whose mother died after giving birth to her and her father refused to see her face & abandoned her. This show was very popular show and received high TRP ratings. It was created by Shobhana Desai Productions. Madhav left the show in between because of some issues. After this he acted in the serial “” in 2011. It was telecasted on Imagine TV. The story is about a family which strongly believes in traditions. This serial was created by S Farhan.
Madhav also worked in few Marathi movies. He acted in the movie “Mazha Mee” in 2013. It was directed by Ninad Vanage. The story is about a boy Saurabh who sacrificed his own happiness to fulfill his mother’s desires and how his life changed due to this. Madhav also acted in the movie “Gondan” in 2014. It was directed by Vineeta Pimpalkhare. It is a love story of Shekhar and Komal who faced many problems like caste, status, etc. Madhav also worked in the movie Chintamani which is directed by Sangeeta Balchandran. It is the story of a common man. It will be releasing on 31st October 2014. He is a good actor and wants to achieve a lot in his career.

Mahavir Mehta

Mahavir Mehta is an Indian television actor, who is best known for his role in the television serial ‘Ek Ghar Banaunga’ (2013). The show was aired on Star plus and was considered a hit. It successfully completed more than one year of air time and completed 309 episodes. Mahavir played the role of ‘Rajesh’ who is a supporting character in the plot. He got a major break due to this.  He comes from a non filmy background and he has achieved all without any significant link in the world of entertainment. The series was based on the life of the female protagonist ‘Poonam Akas Garg’, which was essayed by Ishita Dutta. Poonam’s life and various turns of events make this series immensely interesting. Mahavir too got his share of attention due to his association with the series. He instantly got recognition and his acting career found its perfect launching pad, which made his path clear. Mahavir displayed his inherent abilities as an actor while playing the character of ‘Rajesh’. Having started in the world of acting, he is in the middle of his long awaited dream. He is single-mindedly trying hard to make a foray into the world of acting. He is a newcomer in the film industry, but in such a short span of time he has made a mark for himself and is being considered as a serious option in a varied category of roles. . He is being well perceived by the audience and critics and has a promising career ahead. He enjoys acting very much and wants to explore more of it by consistently getting more work. If his talented personality and robust will to conquer the world of television & entertainment are considered, his goal of reaching new heights and witnessing some new & unseen horizons doesn’t look very far away. At present he lives and works in Mumbai.  

Mahavir Mehta Hindi Actor