Novelist (0 - 12)


Novelist Perception Penned Down As They See Life

Novelists are authors who pen down their views about life, the way they see it. The novels that they write may or may not be a work of fiction. They see life and don’t simply view it- they go to the depth and read feel every aspect of it and pen down their thoughts. It is not something they construct by themselves- they recreate what already exists, but go deeper and beyond the vision of the rest of the world. The novelists study life and create some photographs in their mind and put it as words for their readers.

Novels are longer than the regular “stories”, only because they are reforming the already existent, and courageously putting their opinion to the world.For a beginner, getting their first novel published is a difficult job- reason being that the publishers will not be aware of the novelist’s ability and since novels are completely based on perceptions, approvals take time. Novelists are required for the story which forms the base of any film. The script and screenplay is created on the basis of the story.