Birthday: 16-07-1972
Age: 47
Star sign: Leo

Andy Weir’s full name is Andrew Taylor Weir and he was born on 16 June 1972. His birth sign is Gemini. Andy Weir is an American novelist. He has worked as a programmer at the age of 15. He was then worked as a software engineer for Sandia National Laboratories and also worked on the video games like Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. He completed his education from the university of California, San Diego. Andy Weir was born in California. His father was a physicist and his mother was an engineer and she was also a reader but not a fan of science fiction. Andy Weir started his work in writing in his twenties with the “The Egg “, it was a short story and get popular in YouTube videos.

He became famous because of his debut novel named as “ The Martian “. His novel caught the attention of people and becomes a bestseller novel at that time. His novel “The Martian” was based on science fiction he researched well about conditions of Mars, orbital system before writing. The Martian was then film personalized by director Ridley Scott starring Matt Damon and it was released in October 2015. Andy Weir has a fear of flying so that he never visited the set of “The Martian “. Andy Weir won the John W. Campbell award for a best new writer for his novel “The Martian “. The movie also won the award for a best dramatic presentation.

Andy Weir lives in Mountain View, California in a rented two bedroom. He was also agnostic and shared his political views as fiscally conservative and socially liberal. He also won the Goodreads Choice Award for best science fiction. Andy Weir presently working on a novel about aliens – “ It’s a more traditional sci-fi with aliens, faster – than – light travel “ basically it’s about a city on the moon. He was also invited by NASA to the Johnson Space Centre in Huston. He stated that his trip to NASA was one of the best parts of his life. He hangs out with the former astronaut Dr. Ellen Ochoa. He is a huge fan of Doctor Who series. Andy Weir had written other novels like Bonnie Mackenzie: The Life of a Mermaid, The Romana Chronicles short stories like The Chef, The Real Deal, Annie’s Day, Meeting Sarah some of them are many more.

Helen Fielding

Helen was born in Morley in West Yorkshire situated in England. She was born in the year 1958 on 19th February. Currently, in the year 2017, she is 59 years old. Helen is an English novelist as well as screenwriter. She is known as a creator of fictional character in Bridget Jones and some of sequence of novels. Beginning in films of a Singleton in London for making sense of life and love. She attended Wakefield Girls High school which is known as one of best Grammar Schools. Helen studied English at St. Anne’s College, Oxford at year 1978 in Edinburg Festival there she formed a friendship which continued a group of comic performers and many of writers may include Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson. She got married to Kevin Curran in year 1999 and he is an executive producer of The Simpsons. Helen has two kids Dashiell born in year February in 2004 and Romy born in July 2006. Director of a textile factory was her father. He uses to live next door to the family home. He used to produce cloth for miners for Donkey Jackets. Her father died in the year 1982 whereas her mother lives in Yorkshire naming Nellie. Some of her bibliography includes Cause Celeb in year 1994 which was based on the relationship between celebrities and refuges set which was done in fictional country at East Africa ; Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination in year 2003 which was a comic spy novel done one sets of Miami, Los Angeles , England and Sudan. And some more additions of Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy in year 2013 as well as Bridget Jones : The Diaries in year 2016. And one of the short stories which was published in year 2009 was Ox-tales which is an aid of Oxfam. Bridget Jone’s Diary in the year 1996 and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason in the year 1999 which was sold in some 15 million copies as well as published in 40 countries. Both the films achieved international success. In one of the survey conducted Bridget Jone’s Diary were rewarded as one of ten novels that were best defined in the 20th century. She uses to divide her time between two countries London and Los Angeles. In the year 2014, she was written under one of Britain’s 500 most influential for The Sunday Times which were also featured on 1000 Most Influential Londoners list under London Evening Standards.

Helen Fielding English Actress