Anoop Sivasevan (also known as Anoop Shivasevan) is an actor and scriptwriter in Malayalam serials and cinema. He is known for acting as Praveen in the popular Surya TV serial Nilavilakku (Prosperity Lamp); Bhagyalakshmi, also on Surya TV; and Sthreedhanam (Dowry) on Asianet TV.

He has also acted in the Jayaram film Novel. Sivasevan co-wrote the script for Seconds with his friend Shani Khader Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shani Khader . They decided on a whim to write the script in order to “earn money in their freetime”. The film, a remake of M. Night Shymalan’s Devil, is about 4 people trapped in an elevator. With every blackout one person is killed and the remaining people suspect each other of being the murderer.

Shot in less than 30 days, the film could not be released for more than 6 months due to distribution issues and other problems leading to heavy financial losses. Producer Ajay Jose picketed the office of a cinema distributor in protest. He was soon joined by Sivasevan and most of the cast of Seconds. Once the film’s issues were resolved and the film ready for distribution, Sivasevan and producer cruised around Trivandrum anxiously on the eve of the film’s release. Parking in front of the Secretariat building in Trivandrum at 2 am, they laughed nervously. Sivasevan’s use of the multiple point of views in the script was criticized by It received more favourable reviews from (“worth your money”) while IndiaGlitz called it an “average thriller”.

 Anoop has also acted in the comedy serial Kudumba Police (Family Police). He plays the role of Prathap Chandran, a police inspector while Shalu Kurian plays his wife Alice, also a police officer.

He co-starred with Bindu Ramakrishnan and Lakshmi Vishwanath in Nilavillaku. After the serial’s completion, he stared in the Purushothaman directed serial Bhagyalakshmi, with Risabawa and M.R. Gopakumar . The serial is about the rivalry between two families in a village.

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