Rajeev Nair is a writer, lyricist, and producer in the Malayalam Film Industry. Rajeev was born in Angadipuram, Kerala. He did his Civil Engineering and started his career in that. He has been part of many important projects in his field. He has a prominent experience in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Marine Engineering. Rajeev kicked off his journey as lyricist in 2003 with noticeable devotional songs of that time. He was part of various album projects at that time with the acclaimed directors.

One of his projects with director Sugeeth for album ‘Ente Keralam’ became a reason of his footstep towards film production. His latest contribution to the Spiritual and Devotional genre is ‘Hare’ released in 2014. Rajeev made his debut with film ‘ Race Click to look into! >> Read More... Race ’ in the year 2011 as a lyricist. He later wrote lyrics for the films Vaadhyar in 2012, Trivandrum Lodge, Ordinary (2012), Chettayees (2012), 3 Dots (2013) and still counting. The latest being Haram (2015).

Rajeev’s production house Magic Moon Productions came up with its first film in 2012, named, Ordinary directed by Sugeeth. This happened to be a huge success for Rajeev. It got acclaimed all over. The film received 4 awards, Eco Friendly Film Award for Best Producer, Cinema Scapes Award for Best Feature Film than Hindi, Aap ki Awaaz Press Media Award for Best Producer and Amritha Television Award Films Award for Popular Film. His other film as producer is ‘ Anarkali Click to look into! >> Read More... Anarkali ’ (2015).