Archana Jois plays the role of Sundari in the new serial ‘ Maha Devi Mahadevi is a religious drama to be aired from Mon >> Read More... Maha Devi ’that is being telecast from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm on Zee Kannada from September 14 onwards. The serial revolves around central character Sundari who is an atheist. ArchanaJois is one of the most amazing talents in the South Indian TV industry at present. The actresshasnot only been an adept at the art of captivation among the audience with her beautiful performance but is also acclaimed for her beauty and grace. Ramesh Chandra, who had earlier directed ' Devi Click to look into! >> Read More... Devi ,'is the director of the new serial ‘Maha Devi.'

It may be noted that ‘Devi’ was a tremendous success that was aired three years ago and now the director is back again to entertain the viewers again. The promo of the serial got huge responses from the audiences when it was run on social networking websites. The actress is beautiful and looks exactly like a village girl in the serial. Her role is of a typical village girl who works at the temple and cleans and decorates the goddess’s abode. Her entire family is dependent on her for their livelihood. But Sundari does not like the goddess.

Her particular dislike of God angers people around her and even her family too. Her disbelief towards the goddess is due to her past incarnation as the princess ‘ Rajeswari Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rajeswari ’ who was then a great devotee of a goddess. She lost her life due to three evil men who were in pursuit of ‘Shri Chakra’, a powerful object of divinity. Will goddesses give justice to her in this birth? Here Sundari’s character as a re-incarnation has a slight twist. The serial is based against all such convictions, and this revolutionary story depicts a mystery character of Sundarithat was never known to us before. The actress did full justification to her role and gained popularity. She has a girl next door image, thanks to her simplicity and charm. She has amazing innocent looks coupled with a good figure.

In this serial, she is full of grace and elegance as Sundari. She is also touted as one of the most versatile and blessed artists in the industry.