Uma Swamy is a TV actress who has appeared in many TV series that is being aired on Zee Kannada TV channel. Uma Swamy is recently playing the role of an elder lady who knows Kanchana's atrocities but helpless in the mega serial ‘Mr. And Mrs. Rangegowda’ that is being aired in Zee Kannada TV channel. It is a 272 -episode drama that is likely to be telecast till January 2016.

She also had acted earlier in another TV serial ‘ Nagamani Nagamani serial is being aired on Kasturi Kannada >> Read More... Nagamani ’ which was broadcast in Kasturi Kannada TV channel. In the serial "Mr. and Mrs. Rangegowda", she has a lengthy role as an elderly woman. She was seen appearing in supporting character roles in various Kannada movies like ‘Haalu Sakkare’. Now she is being appreciated by masses for appearing in the TV serial ‘Mr. And Mrs. Rangegowda’. This serial’s plot is somewhat like the Hindi film ‘Beta’.

Here is the character of a step-mother Kanchana who showcases her love for the son and does not want to get him educated so that her son remains in her clutches always. Even the son Rangegowda has a blind faith, and he loves his step-mother since his childhood. In between comes an educated girl Aishwarya, with whom Rangegowda falls in love.

She does not want to marry an uneducated Rangegowda. But circumstances force her to marry him. Hence, in this story of step mother Kanchana and newly-wedded girl Aishwarya remains the mystery of the story. Thus, Uma Maheswari tells the girl Aishwarya not to believe her step-mother. This is the role Uma Maheswari is playing in the serial.