Nishitha Gowda played the role of Kaikaiyi in the mega television serial ‘ Seethe Seethe Rama Katha Hridayam is a mythological seria >> Read More... Seethe ’ which had showcased all the developments of Sri Ramanayan that found the popularity as the first mythological series to go in the air. The mythological drama was aired on Udaya TV, which was a frontrunner in TV channel in Karnataka from Sun Network. The show was telecast for half-an-hour from February 2013. Nishita also has acted in a Kannada movie ‘Heegu Unte’.

The actress was excited to play the queen Kaikeyi on Udaya TV and she rose to fame with her role in this mythological drama. This role gave her all freedom and enough space to perform as an actress. She was excited to play the queen role which had the multi-shaded character in the epic drama. Nishitha Gowda brought to its viewers a fresh perspective on her character, where the story was seen from Kaikaiyi perspective.

This TV serial was a landmark project in her career. She did start her career as a model and then turned her attention to the world of acting. Yet she could not get many roles later on. It was only if at all she could get roles in TV series like ‘Seethe’, she could have taken various other steps at redeeming herself in glamour world. Needless to say, Nishitha Gowda was easily one of the most stunning women on Indian television. Having made appearances in modeling assignments and South Indian movies, her image as a model is still intact in the glamour world still.