Shwetha Srivatsav is a film and television actress who mostly appears and does Kannada films. She was born on September 4th in the year 1986, Karnataka, India. Shwetha completed her studies in the media field from Christ University. Her father L. Krishnappa was also a theater actor so, acting was not new to Shwetha Srivatsav, and she says that acting is in her blood.

The first movie of her was “ Mukha Mukhi” which came in the year 2006 and later in 2013 she gave an excellent performance in the movie “Simple Agi Ondh Love Story” which was directed by 'Suni'. For this film, she was nominated for best actress award.

As an actress, she prefers dance-oriented roles and also says that she enjoys working with people who have a positive energy, dedication and who are passionate about their work. She first came and did a rather small role in the thriller movie “ Aa Dinagalu” in 2007 and won the Filmfare Best Female Debut for this project.

Further, in the year 2016, she is on her way with more movies and is working on some projects like “ Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu” which is a Kannada film and “Bommala Ramaram” which is a Telugu film. The actress also has worked for television like in “Nijagallinarani” and " Kamali" which were Teleplays that got aired on Doordarshan. She also did a Teleserial aired on ETV Kannada Silli Lalli”.

She is married to Amit Srivastav, and they both met during the making of the film ‘Lakshmi Kataksha’ that required the unit to shoot in Amit’s house. Their four-year relationship ended in a satisfactory and happy wedlock.

Shwetha is well known for her undying love for animals and is also involved in the working for the animal protection and welfare and also in her charity works.


Another Version of this Bio...

Shwetha Srivatsav is a theater, big screen, and small screen actress. She is most familiar with Kannada films. She was awarded as Best Actress for her performance in 'Fair & Lovely' in the Film Fare Awards. In 2006, she made her debut in the film called 'Mukha Mukhi'. Shwetha was born on 4 September 1986 in Karnataka, India. She completed her studies in the media stream from Christ University. She and her brother went to drama workshops conducted by B V Karanth and Prema Karanth. Shwetha told that her dream profession was to become a Veterinarian, but she became an Actress.

Before entering into films, Shwetha acted in T.V. Shows. Her first play was a Teleplay in Doordarshan called "Nijagallinarani". Then she acted in 'Kamali' Tele serial from the same Channel. She acted in 'Lakshmi Kataksha' and 'Manvanthara' in ETV Kannada. She even featured in ' Jwalamukhi' Tele Serial in Udaya TV, directed by T. N. Seetharam. In 2006, she acted in a film called 'Mukha Mukhi'. This film won the award for the Best Dialogue in Karnataka State Film Awards. In 2007, she appeared in gangster film 'Aa Dinagalu' in an insignificant role. In 2012, she won Film Fare Award for Best Female Debut for Kannada film 'Cyber Yugadol Nava Yuva Prema Kavyam'. She played a lead role in this movie.

In 2013, Shwetha acted in Comedy and Romantic blockbuster film 'Simple Agi Ondh Love Story', directed by Suni. She became famous for the bubbly girl character and the best dialogue delivery in this film. She has recently announced her first Supernatural Telugu film 'Bommala Ramaram', where she would be seen in a challenging role. She is also acting as the brand ambassador for the international fashion company “Shinayele”.

Apart from the acting career, Shwetha also does charity related programmes. She is an animal lover, hence practices pure Vegetarianism. She decided to do glamour and dance-oriented movies in future instead of dialogue-oriented movies. She is looking forward to working with the director Suman Kittur and withstars Farhan Akhtar and Irrfan Khan. She also worked in the critically acclaimed movie “Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu” based on Poornachandra Tejaswi’s novel. She is even thinking of directing a movie in the future.


A name which had its impact, but has diminished over the years, Shylashri, is from the ages of retro and in her brief stint of 10 years in Kannada movies, she did a total of 21 movies. She had made her debut in a Kannada movie titled ‘Sandhya Raga’. Though the role was minute, this movie that was released in 1966 gave her the necessary temperament to establish herself in the Kannada Movie Industry. In her further career that stretched for a short span of 10 years, she worked with the Big Guns of the industry like Dr. Rajkumar, Rajesh, Sudarshan, Udaykumar, and directors like M.R. Vittal, K.S.L. Swamy, A.V. SheshagiriRao, Geethapriya and many others. Though one may argue that her role in Sandhya Raga was too small to be noticed, she did raise her bar of performance in her next movie titled ‘Bangarada Hoovu’. This movie made her get enough traction in Kannada cinema as she was cast with the then superstar and National Award Winning actor Dr. Rajkumar. Though this movie pushed her career forward, she is remembered for her amazing performance in the National Award winning film ‘Naguva Hoovu’, which hit the theaters in 1971. Starring R.N. Sudarshan and Shylashri, the movie revolved around a nurse who falls for a doctor, but detriments her love for the Son of the Hospital’s owner, who’s also a Cancer patient. The story of the movie, produced by the male lead R.N. Sudarshan and directed by R.N.K. Prasad, was scripted by Shylashri herself. Apart from Kannada movies, she made a noticeable contribution to Tamil movies like Motor Sundaram Pillai, Dharishanam, Panthayam etc. Her roles have been in the forte of playing a heroine, second heroine, vamp, dancer and supporting actor. She married her NaguvaHoovu co-star and Kannada movie producer R.N. Sudarshan and now lives in Bangalore with him.

Shylashri Kannada Actress