Manasa Joshi Kannada Actress
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actress

Manasa Joshi is a famous actress who has recently entered into the acting career in the Indian film industries. She is ready to make her debut in an upcoming film named, ‘ Bahuparaak Click to look into! >> Read More... Bahuparaak ’. This film is directed by famous director, Suni. The film producers are Suresh and Hemant. The movie also has two other lead stars, which are Meghan Raj and Srinagara Kitty. Even she is playing the lead role in the film. Earlier, she was a great dancer in Karnataka. So she turned from a great Kathak dancer to become a film actress. She was interested in becoming a film actress right from her childhood. Even her parents were very supportive. In her film, she is playing a wife from Karnataka. She has learned Kathak right from her school days, starting when she was in her 9th class.

She is not into doing courses, but just enjoying her art is fine for her. She is very interested in classical dances and tells everyone to recognize the lost arts, which represent the culture of our country. She doesn’t like to take on item numbers even though many offers have come to her about dancing. They wish to mix the styles, for example mixing classical with western for an item number. But she rejected all those offers as she doesn’t want to mix classical dance, which she sees as a divine art, and to mixed it with something else would not be so good and even a bit vulgar. Anyway, she has learned a lot from her theater and classical dancing throughout her career, and gave her best acting in her upcoming film. So let’s wish her good luck with her first film.