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Silli Lalli is a comedy serial that is being telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Friday at 5pm. Ravi Shanker has acted in the male lead role as Dr.Vittal Rao, Manju Bhashini Manju Bhashini hit the fame mode for his role in t >> Read More... has acted in the female lead role as Lalli – Vittal Rao’s wife and Roopa Prabhakar Roopa Prabhakar is an actress who became famous fo >> Read More... has acted as Silli – Dr.Vittal Rao’s sister. Prashant, Rangnath, Sunethra Pandit, Suji, Namitha Rao This petite actress is well known among Kannada au >> Read More... , Sangamesh Upase Sangamesh Upase is a talented actor, who became fa >> Read More... and Janesha have acted in the remaining characters of this serial.

The Silli Lalli Kannada serial revolves around the story of Vittal Rao, a doctor, and his family. It is about their day to day lives. Frequently one or the other of his family members faces troubles and the whole family works jointly to solve that. Vittal Rao is the family head, but his wife Lalitambha(Lalli) dominates him. He completed his M.B.B.S. in 11 years. He has no idea of giving which medicine to his patients and he often leaves them in a coma or even sometimes dead. Lalitambha is a social worker and her aim is to become the Karnataka’s first woman chief minister.

 Sreelalitha aka Silli – Vittal’ sister is a writer. Silli considers herself as a great writer, but nobody reads her writings. Silli and Lalli hate each other and due to their quarrels their family often lands in troubles. Sometimes some of Vittal Rao’s friends also join his messy family. The strength of this family comedy serial is its script.

Another Version Of This Serial

Silli Lalli Season 1 was a comedy sitcom telecast on ETV Kannada in 2003. It went of air in 2007. The series was scripted by MS Narasimha Murthy and directed by Vijaya Prasad Vijaya Prasad began his career as a small screen t >> Read More... . The story is based on the day-to-day events that happens in the family of Dr Vittal Rao. Lalithamaba is Vittal Rao’s wife. She is fondly called as Lalli. Though Vittal is the family’s head, Lalli is the powerful person in their family. Vittal has a sister, Sri Lalitha Sri Lalitha is a Carnatic singer from Vijayawada, >> Read More... , who is called Silli. Though Vittal Rao is a doctor by profession, he is not an expert. He took nearly 11 years to complete the 5-year MBBS course. Vittal Rao has a younger brother Palli, whose real name is Prahalad. Lalli is a social worker and wishes to become the first woman Chief Minister of Karnataka. Besides these characters, the serial also has Ranganatha, a close friend of Vittal and Lalli’s assistant, Govinda, a compounder, and Suji, a hearing-impaired girl.

The cast includes Ravishankar Gowda, Manju Bhasini, Roopa Prabhakar, Prasanth, Srinivas Gowda, Sunetra Pandit, Jyothi Kiran, Namitha Rao, Sangamesh Upase, and Pooja Lokesh Pooja Lokesh is a popular and famous, young, upcom >> Read More... .


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