Kavitha Lankesh is a renowned Indian film director, lyricist, and screenwriter for Kannada Film Industry. Her father P. Lankesh was a noted journalist of Kannada Language and also the founder of weekly tabloid Lankesh Pattrike. Her mother owns a sari shop in Bengaluru. Kavitha had come from a family of media publishers. She has two siblings both in the media line. She did a Masters in English from Bengaluru University and also holds a diploma in advertising.

When her father started to plan for her marriage, she was adamant not to get married, and she convinced her parents to use the money that was saved for her marriage, to travel around the world. She owned an advertising company before entering the entertainment industry.

She started out in films by directing several documentaries. Her first documentary is based on a children’s nature camp. She also made documentaries on Bannerghatta National Park, Siddi Tribe. ‘Deeveri’ - a movie based on the short story by P. Lankesh was her debut direction on the big screen. This movie also won several State, National, and International Awards including the National Debut Director Award and International Critics Award. Her second film was ‘Alemarri’. She also wrote the script, screenplay and also directed ‘Bimba’ that was selected to be screened at Bangkok Film Festival. In 2003, she wrote and directed Preethi Prema Pranaya that won the National Award for Best Feature Film and Karnataka State Film Award for Best Story.

In 2006, she reproduced the TV series Malgudi Days Probably one of the finest Indian Tv series ever t >> Read More... that had good reception among audiences and critics. In 2008, she directed ‘Awa’, based on a novel Mussanjeya Katha Prasanga, written by her father and the movie won Karnataka State Film Awards in various categories. She also directed a Tamil film that year, Kadhal Mazhai. Though she had directed less number of movies, her movies were always thought-provoking and morale-based. Some of her other works are Kariya Kan Bitta, tananam tananam. She preferred to live life as a single and is now living with her only daughter, Esha Lankesh.

Faisal Saif Kannada Actor

Faisal Saif

Faisal Saif is a film critic, producer and even a film screenplay writer. Known for choosing unconventional topics, the filmmaker has been always in the news for some controversy or the other. Quite some time ago, he wanted to make a film on the name of Rajinikanth, but later had to land up in trouble. Superstar Rajinikanth had objected to the making title of Faisal’s film- Main Hoon Rajinikanth. The actor even dragged the filmmaker to the court and later, Faisal had dropped the film title based on the superstar and went to rename the same film as Main Hoon Part Time Killer in 2015. Earlier too, Faisal drew a controversy, when he wanted to make a film on Mallika Sherawat. She declined to appear in that film as a leading lady in film Jigyaasa (2006). Later, he had replaced another heroine in place of Mallika Sherawat. Quite upset with the making of “Main Hoon Rajinikanth”, the filmmaker felt that he would enter the Big Boss reality show in TV. But he considered that it was just a rumour and nothing else. In 2012, he introduced Pakistani superstar Meera in his film project, and again the film was bold in concept. The Hindi film ‘Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore’ (Five Hours: Fifty Million) was written and directed by him. Faisal Saif first approached Tabu to act in the film, later he had opted to cast the Pakistani superstar. The film was acclaimed for crisp screenplay. Actually, this filmmaker came to news for his reality in cinema. His second film, ‘Come December’ drew appreciation from many film festivals. He even won the best director award for that film. The director is well known for making films on constrained budgets without compromising the quality inputs for all his films. He is the co-editor of a movie magazine. He was born on April 27, 1976 in Mumbai. He was also very close to Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh, who had passed away at the age of 50. Faisal Saif is looking ahead for his upcoming film Amma, which is being made in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The film is expected to release on December 2015. The film has Ragini Dwivedi, playing the central character in the film. The trailer and first look have already been released. One has to just wait to see what the film has to say for the public now.


Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar

Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar is a multitalented figure in the cultural domain of South India. He is a renowned writer (having written screenplays, dialogues, and stories), director, producer, columnist, and a lyricist. He was born on 15th August 1951 in a village named Nagathihalli in Mandya district, Karnataka. Since the very beginning, he had an inclination towards literature and so, he mastered in Kannada literature from the Mysore University. His first profession was of a Kannada professor at the Mysore University itself. Soon, he became a successful intellectual and literary figure, having authored many novels and short stories (publishing them as a collection), for which he won the Aryabhatta Awards. He entered the film industry in 1986 with ‘Kadina Benki’ for which he wrote the screenplay, dialogues and the lyrics as well. He was debuted as a director in 1991 with ‘Undoo Hoda Kandoo Hoda’. In 1995, he gave wings to his literary work ‘America America’ by making an adaptive film with the same name. Two films by Chandrashekhar, apart from ‘Kadina Benki’ and ‘Undoo Hoda Kandoo Hoda’, have won the National Award for Best Regional Film. These are, ‘Kotreshi Kanasu’ (literally meaning Dream of Kotreshi) and ‘Hoomale’ (literally meaning The Shower of Flowers). The 2007 film ‘Maathaad Maathaadu Mallige’ won the hearts of many by depicting the negative effects of globalization on the rural population of countries like India and became the first Kannada film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. In the television industry, he has directed a good number of mega serials on Udaya TV. His literary works, mainly short stories, have been adapted by different artists to be telecasted on the small screen. From writing novels and short stories, Chandrashekhar has moved on to exploring the world and writing travelogues. He has been a columnist for the weekly Hai Bangalore, and the chief editor of novels like ‘Kaalaatheetha’. Chandrashekhar is not a typical commercial artist of the film industry but has provided food for thoughts through his works. His films are often reflections of the society’s issues, problems, and reality. From the environment to media and globalization, the man has not failed to incorporate almost every issue of interest in his work.

Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar Kannada Actor