Suresh Heblikar is an Indian Kannada Filmmaker, a director and an actor too. He is also an active environmentalist. He is the founder of the Eco-Watch NGO established in the year 1998. Suresh Heblikar has produced many beautiful movies in Kannada. He is always respected for his immense contribution to the Kannada Film Industry. His movie Kadina Benki won him the best director award at the national level. He also won the Filmfare award for his picture Usha Kiran Usha Kiran was a leading actress in Hindi, Marathi >> Read More... . Heblikar has always taken passionate romance as the main attribute in his movies. His movies have portrayed psychosis and scientific temperaments. Heblikar has attributed this to Dr. Ashok Pai. As he is an environment enthusiast, his flicks always have depicted nature and its conservation.

He has won the State Award for the movie Agatha. He has also received the National and State award for his movie Kadina Benki. Kadina Benki has won many awards as the plot was appreciated by everybody. Heblikar’s Shepherds on the Move has won the prestigious International Osiris Award. Heblikar has directed about 30 movies and apart from being a director, he has also portrayed his acting skills by taking up roles in his films. Heblikar is valued for his broad outlining of the storyline and his nature of letting his cast improve on dialogue.

Shringar Nagaraj Kannada Actor

Shringar Nagaraj

Shringar Nagaraj, originally Gangolli Ramashet Nagaraj, was an Indian director, actor, and cinematographer. He is also reputed as the producer of “Pushpaka Vimana,” which was India’s first silent film, starring the legendary actor, Kamal Hassan. Shringar, born in Bengaluru, graduated from MES College, Malleswaram, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He also pursued law from Government Law College in Bengaluru. The Gold Control Act of 1968 led Nagaraj to forgo his profession of gold jewelry. Blessed with immense talent and creativity, Shringar pursued photography as a passion cum profession. He also achieved recognition from the Kannada film industry, and consequently, pocketed various photo-shoot assignments. Nagaraj worked as a cinematographer, assisting many directors, leading his pathway into Kannada films, as an actor. His breakthrough arrived in the role of a supporting actor in “Sipayi Ramu,” where he was cast alongside Rajkumar. Nagaraj has starred in roughly twenty-five Kannada movies such as Haalu Jenu, Bangaaradha Manushya, Shabdavedi, Chelisuva Modagalu, Katha Sangama, and Ranganayaki. Nagaraj invested the fee he received from films in “Shringar Tours,” his travel agency venture. It was in 1987 that he picked up the challenge to produce Pushpaka Vimana, a project that no Indian director or producer was willing to risk. Nagaraj was presented with a National Award and received the President’s Gold Medal, for his work. He was also the recipient of Kannada Rajyotsava, International Houston Film Festival, and Filmfare Awards, for the same. Sadly, exactly 74 years after his birth date, Nagaraj passed away in 2013.


T. S. Nagabharana

T. S. Nagabharana is a very famous Indian Film director, producer, and screenwriter. His full name is Talakadu Srinivasaiah Nagabharana. He was born in the year 1953 in Bangalore, Mysore State in India. He is a very renowned personality in the Kannada film industry and one of the individuals that lead the way to parallel cinemas. He is one of the very few directors that bestride the conventional as well as the parallel cinemas. He is very well-liked and successful in both the Television industry and Kannada film industry as a director. In his career of 40 years, he directed 34 movies under his guidance. Out of those 34 movies, 20 movies received awards at international, national and state level. This was one of the best achievements of his life. His name was also on the list of nominations of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy in Bangalore for the post of Chairman. He is a very passionate and keen reader of the Indian English Literature. He is the degree holder in the branches of Science and Law. His interest in making films started when he was in college. In his college days, he has directed and acted in many stage plays and dramas. During his early teenage, he was very much under the ineffaceable influence of the playwright of that time Adya Rangacharya. His famous acts that he directed in his college days were Indrajit and Ashoka Chakra. He has also worked as a backstage crew worker. His contribution as an actor, director and singer have been recognized. He was in the association with the rising personalities of the theatre groups like B. V. Karanth, Girish Karnad, and Chandrashekharan Kambara. Few of the plays under his direction are Sangya Balya, Kathale Belaku, Krishna Parijata, Mundena Sakhi Mundena, Blood Wedding and many more. He established a theatre organization named as ‘Benaka’. He is a gold medal recipient for his achievement in theatre from the Government of India. An organization, Shruthalaya, was started by him for supporting the skills like organizing, writing, camera work, lighting art and many more film graphic talents. He admired Akira Kurosawa and Ingmar Bergman throughout his life. He received 9 National and 14 state awards. His directed movies got nominated for the Indian Panorama. He was honoured with the Best Regional Director Award seven times for his directorial skills. He is the only director that received the National Integration Award for the Best Film category. His last directed movie was Allama in the year 2015.

T. S. Nagabharana Kannada Actor