Nagashekar Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 11-11

Nagashekar is an Indian actor and director from the South. He is known for his acting and direction in Kannada language movies. Nagashekar hails from one of the weakest sections of the society. Till now he is the only person from his village to obtain an engineering degree. Nagesh comes from a family background of specialised folk singing. Thus, right from his childhood, he was exposed to folk songs and drama. From his childhood, he actively took part in theatre and acting. He continued this even during his college days. After completion of his engineering degree instead of being worried about finding a job, he came down to Bengaluru to pursue his interest in acting and Theatre. In Bengaluru, he started working for famous theatre personality, Mrs. Arundathi Nag Arundathi Nag is an Indian actress and theater per >> Read More... Arundathi Nag , who is the wife of famous actor & director Mr. Shankar Nag.

His purpose of working with Mrs. Arundathi Nag was to master the intricacies of various aspects of theatre including sound effects. While he was learning that, he got a chance to act in a TV serial. He had been offered the role as a negative character, and his character was instantly appreciated. This led him to be exposed to many other great roles from various directors. Thus, for around four years he enjoyed acting and his status as a super hit actor. Later feeling drained out by playing negative roles he decided to test his comic skills and stepped into doing comic roles. Owing to his hilarious comic timing, he acted as a comedian in more than 120 films and all are highly appreciated for his performances. Even though he had a successful career as an actor, the dream of directing his film was mesmerising him.

Thus, backed by his desire to become a director, he went on to share his script with his old friend and also a famous Kannada industry personality, Ganesh. He agreed for the movie, and Nagashekar’s first movie as a director named ‘ Aramane Story soon >> Read More... Aramane ’ was released in the year 2008. The movie was a success. Nagashekar likes to make movies that are based on real life situations rather than spicy stories for the sake of the success of the movie. Following his passion, he directed another movie named ‘ Sanju Weds Geetha’ in the year 2011. The movie highlights the instances and outcomes of child abuse in the society. Seeking perfection and excellence Nagashekar took two years to complete this movie to make sure everything is natural and flawless in the movie. Nagashekar’s next movie to be released as a director was ‘ Mynaa Mynaa is an Indian-Tamil language television seria >> Read More... Mynaa ’.

This movie is also inspired by a true story and was made in four languages at the same time. Nagashekar spent huge sums of money and time in the completion of this movie. Nagashekar is inspired by the work of famous directors like Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... Mani Ratnam , and also by the direction skills of Shankar.

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Nagashekar is an Indian film director, popular amongst the audience for his work in movies like Amar (2019), Myna (2013), and Sanju Weds Geetha (2011). Mostly known for his involvement in the Kannada industry, Nagashekar is one of the most versatile professionals in the industry, serving as an actor, director, and writer. In 2004, Nagashekar made his debut on the silver screen with Yogaraj Bhat’s Kannada comedy film Ranga (S.S.L.C.), also starring Sudeep, Ramya, and Umashree. Since then, he has been a part of at least fifteen other major film projects, the latest one being Amar (2019), which he co-wrote and directed.