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Writer's Rise The Curiosity Of The Readers

A writer is someone who writes as a profession. They write on all kinds of topics or on a specific topic. Writers can be both male and female and are also known as novelists. Some writers write only for specific topics while some work any topic they are allotted by their head. A novelist is someone who has written novels and has become famous for their literary works. Novels are long stories consisting of many chapters and characters. They can write both fiction and nonfiction stories. Some novelists are professionals i.e. they make money out of writing novels while some write as a recreational pastime. Anyone can become a writer with some help and guidance. Writers can be from any background and yet become famous for their novels.

Sometimes their different backgrounds and life stories are what make a difference to the readers and gain their fan followers. A writer usually begins writing short stories and articles and then move on to longer drafts. A draft is a rough idea of the chapter without editing. Writers make manuscripts of their works and show it to publishers who if approved take up the task of editing and make the book presentable to the public. Writers then earn money from the sales and if the books are ever made into films they earn revenues for them as well.