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Vijayalakshmi Singh Kannada Director
Born: 19 July 1959

Age Now 65

Vijayalakshmi Singh - (Director)

RJ Lavanya Kannada RJ
Born: 19 July 1988

Age Now 36

RJ Lavanya - (RJ)

Venky (Kartha) Kannada Actor
Born: 19 July 1984

Age Now 40

Venky (Kartha) - (Actor)


Duniya Rashmi Kannada Movie Actress
Born: 18 July 1990

Age Now 34

Duniya Rashmi - (Movie Actress)

K Sooraj Shetty Kannada Movie Actor
Born: 18 July 1988

Age Now 36

K Sooraj Shetty - (Movie Actor)

Vidya Murthy Kannada Movie Actress
Born: 18 July 1956

Age Now 68

Vidya Murthy - (Movie Actress)

Kalpana -Kannada Kannada Actress
Born: 18 July 1943

Age Now 81

Kalpana -Kannada - (Actress)

Sanchari Vijay Kannada Movie Actor
Born: 17 July 1983

Lived For 37 Years

Sanchari Vijay - (Movie Actor)


Lyricist Is A Person Who's Main Job Is To Write Songs

Lyricist Is A Person Who's Main Job Is To Write Songs For Movies,Advertisements,Or Individual Song But Most Often They Tie Up With Other Lyricist,Song Writers,Composers And Recording Artists. It’s Important To Note That Lyricists Write The Lyrics To Songs, Whereas Songwriters Write The Lyrics And Melody.

A Lyricist Has Special Insight With Words And Builds Up The Verses That Suit A Specific Kind Of Music Remembering The Genre, Theme, Length, And Mood Of The Music. The Individual Who Just Composes The Words Is Known As A Lyricist.A Decent Lyricist Can Utilize Words So That It Complements The Music, Helps Make The Tune Significant And Draws In The Consideration Of The Audience Members.

In The Event That You Are Searching For A Lyricist, Interesting Points Incorporate Can The Lyricist Cooperate With Other People And Is The Individual Proficient About Different Melody Structures And Music Styles.A Good Musical Vocabulary Strengthens Your Overall Lexicon And Can Give You An Advantage Over Others.