Christian Ditter English Actor
  • DOB : 1977
Other Skills

He is a German film director and screenwriter. He is famous for his films like ‘The Crocodiles’ (2009), ‘Crocodiles 2’ (2010), ‘Vicky's Road Trip’ (2011) and ‘Love, Rosie’ (2014). He has won many National Awards and awards at International Film Festivals for his movies. Apart from movies, he has also directed several T.V. series such as ‘School Girl’ and ‘Doctor’s Diary.’ Born in Munich, he was raised in Gutersloh. He studied at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München. He began his career with short films. His first short film ‘Enchanted’ (2000) and ‘The ground’ (2003) won several national and international awards. He began his career in full-length film with ‘French for beginners’ which he co-produced also. This film was based in the German and French backdrop. After this, he directed a T.V. series called ‘Kebab for Breakfast’ for which he won the Grimme Award for best director. Being a German, it is strange that he speaks much perfect and fluent English. He recalls his days in film school when he used to live in small flat with five people. He had a friend who was English and most the time they used to speak in English. Moreover, all other flat mates had a different mother tongue. So, the common language to have a conversation was English. He started his filmmaking in Germany and moved to the United States to makes movies.

In 2009, his debut movie in English ‘The Crocodiles’ released. The movie was appraised and loved by people. So, in 2010 he came out with the sequel of the franchise named ‘The Crocodiles 2.’ From making an action-packed thriller adventure movie in German, he switched to romantic comedies in English genre. In 2014, he made ‘Love, Rosie’ which was again loved by audiences. His latest movie is ‘How to be single’ which is going to release soon in 2016. In this flick, he has portrayed four women and showed what it means to them to be single, and all the fun and the challenges and the surprises that come with it. In his personal life, he is a married person, having two daughters. Apart from wife and daughters, he has his mother and sister in his family. He admits that that even after having a majority of females in his family, he has less knowledge about the fairer sex. He says that the best thing about filmmaking is that you always learn and found a little bit more about various things.