Jack Kruschen was a motion picture, television, as well as a radio actor of Canadian origin working in the United States of America. He took birth on the 22nd of March in the year 1922. He initiated his work as an actor when he was still in high school. Armed Forces Radio Service and West Coast Radio Drama are two organisations to which he contributed. Some series broadcasted on the radio of which he was a part were Yours Truly, Crime Classics, and Johnny Dollar. Kruschen has done many films throughout his career. However, the one which stands out is The Apartment.

For his extraordinary work in this movie, he got awarded an Academy Award in the category best-supporting actor. The name of the character which he enacted in the motion picture is DrDreyfuss. Other celebrated films of Hollywood of which he was a part include War of the Worlds, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, The Angry Red Planet, and Abbott and Costello Go to Mars. Along with being a motion picture actor, he also has experience working on the stage. I Can Get it For You Wholesale is a famed play of which he was a part. He plays the character of an individual with the name of Maurice Pulvermacher.

 Promises is another play in which he performed in the city of London. He started working in the field of television entertainment as early as the year 1939 when TV sets just came out. Dragnet was a Television series on which he appeared several times. Dragnet got aired on the TV channel NBC. Bonanza was another programme which got frequented by Jack Kruschen. The character’s name that he played in Bonanza was Giorgio Rossi.Due to his appearance complete with huskiness and a moustache, he got offered various roles in the paternal context.

A few examples of his shows as a fatherly character are Columbo (The Most Dangerous Match, 1973), Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and also the picture The Incredible Hulk. Webster was a famous comedy series on which he worked. He got the role of Grandpa Papadapolis in this TV programme. He also contributed to the much-loved comedy Television show Full House. The final time when he worked in an on-screen role was in the motion picture ‘Til There Was You. The ravishing Sarah Jessica Parker was also a part of this film along with Dylan McDermott and also Jeanne Tripplehorn. He lost his life on the 2nd of April, 2002.

Ian Hart English Actor

Ian Hart

Well-known for his character of Professor Quirrell in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Ian Hart is an internationally acclaimed and well-received actor. He was born in Knotty Ash, Liverpool, Lancashire. He attended Cardinal Allen Grammar School, and he used to attend the Everyman Youth Theatre. Though Ian Hart came to the acting career accidentally, he is an actor who always search for novelty in his characters. For this, he laid the foundation through his studies in various streams. He studied drama at Mabel Fletcher College of Music and Drama in Liverpool. Later he studied video production at South Mersey College. Ian Hart started acting as his career in 1980. He never confined himself to one type of character. He played the scallies, authors, physicists, etc. He played Sir Arthur Canon Doyle in the film Finding Neverland in 2004, Adolf Hitler in BBC drama The Man Who Crossed Hitler. He garnered major accolades for his roles for portraying John Lennon in the British film Backbeat(1995), Quirinus Quirrell in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dr. Watson in BBC's The Hound of Baskervilles, etc. Ian Hart mostly worked for the British theater and television and rarely did he work for American movies. He is famous for his British Television Productions like Sir Arthur Canon Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Silk Stocking, and The Hound of Baskervilles. When he was about to act for the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, he went to the local bookshop and asked for the Harry Potter series, and he was confused reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Ian Hart's personal life comes with the note that he had a peaceful and enjoyed throughout his life. His wife is Lynne, and they have a daughter. He moved to Los Angeles, accidentally and started living in Los Angeles for a couple of years. On a shoot to HBO, he reached Los Angeles, and slowly their wife and kid moved and they even own a house there.He had a few controversies to his credit too. It seemed Ian Hart hit a man from the audience during an interview.


Jorge Salinas

Jorge Salinas is a Mexican actor who acts in both films and television. Telenovelas are the most popular and common forms of entertainment, and this Mexican actor has emerged as the biggest actor amongst them. Born on July 27, 1968, the actor has been associated with Televisa’s most successful telenovelas at the beginning of his career. In Latin America, Televisa is a very large mass media company. Jorge participated in the maximum number of successful telenovelas. He appeared in small role in many such TV shows in between 1991-98. In the year 1999, he bagged a lead role in a Mexican film titled “Sexo, pudor y lágrimas“ (Sex, Shame, and Tears), which was the first film directed by Antonio Serrano. This film is one of the highly critically acclaimed films and had even won mass appreciation at the box office. In 2000, another successful film of his named “Amores Perros“ released, in which he was casted with actor Gael García Bernal. This film won many awards and received rave reviews in magazines. Since 1999, his career was at a high peak. Jorge not only grabbed the best films, but was also seen participating in many telenovelas in Mexico. In one of the Mexican telenovelas, ‘Tres Mujeres’ (English title: Three women), the actor was seen in a role of multiple relationships with three actresses. Jorge was very handsome in his young days, and hence, had fallen in love with multiple women in his life. Unfortunately, many relationships of his were broken, as the actor managed to get married to many women he had loved, and divorced them just as easily. In the year 2000, there was another famous telenovela, “Mi Destino Eres Tú “(English title: You are my Destiny), which was a hit throughout Latin America. In this show, Jorge acted as one of the lovers for the heroine, Lucero Hogaza Leon, who becomes her final destiny. In 2008 and 2009, the actor again participated in successful telenovelas such as 'Fuego en la Sangre' (English Title: Burning for Revenge), which was a remake of a Colombian soap opera. In 2011, the telenovela, 'La que no podía ama’, which translates to ‘The One Who Couldn't Love’, had him playing a paralytic man. He had a negative shade in his character who forcefully marries the actress, Ana Brenda Contreras. He is one of the few Mexican actors to participate in top rated telenovelas. Jorge had a relationship with American actress and TV host, Adriana Catano, and even had a daughter out of wedlock. But later he married Fátima Boggio, in 1996, and made her his first wife. They continued with their relationship till 2009. Out of this marriage, he had two sons. Later, Jorge dated Mexican actress Andrea Gabriela Noli, and had a daughter out of this relationship. In 2011, he married Elizabeth Álvarez, a Mexican telenovela actress, who has given birth to two twins. Both of them fell in love while shooting.

Jorge Salinas English Actor