Plot nbsp The film How to Be Single is about four young girls Alice Meg Robin and Lucy who are looking for love in New York City in all the wrong ways Each

How To Be Single Movie Review

How To Be Single Movie Review English
Review for the film " How To Be Single"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-02-2016
Genre: Comedy, Romance
3 / 5.0



Plot: The film How to Be Single is about four young girls Alice, Meg, Robin and Lucy, who are looking for love in New York City in all the wrong ways. Each of them has a different story and background. Alice has temporarily broken up with her boyfriend Josh and gets a job at a top law firm in the city. She ends up meeting Robin, who instructs her on how to survive in a big city when one is single. Alice, however, hooks up with a bartender Tom. Alice’s sister, Meg is an obstetrician but has no relationship or child of her own.

When she finally decides to have a child, she meets Ken. Robin is a woman who survives being single by partying and one-night-stands. Lucy is the fourth character in the film. She searches various dating sites to find “the one” for herself. The movie revolves around these four women and how they deal with being single. Alice still is not able to get over Josh while he has already started seeing another girl and later gets engaged to her. Lucy is dumped by her boyfriend Paul and then meets George, and they fall for one another.

Right again, when Alice comes across a man named David she grows close to him, but after he reminds her that she is the not the mother of his daughter, they break up. Meg has become pregnant, but she does not want Ken to have any role in bringing up their kid while he totally disagrees. Things take a turn when Robin invites Tom, Josh, and David for Alice’s birthday. Alice gets totally annoyed with her and gets ready to leave when sees Robin taking Meg to the hospital for her delivery. The movie thus ends showing how after making all their attempts to be in a relationship and after having faced so much, they come back to their lives alone, entirely different from what they wanted, and they live all by themselves.

Analysis: The film is exciting and fun to watch but then again it’s a total feminist comedy movie, one the type of which viewers has already seen earlier. The fact with How to Be Single is that you have already seen a woman-centric film before like The Sex and the City, and so it does not appeal to you much. Even though the plot is different but somewhere it is similar too with the characters finding ways to deal with life and love. Also, the film has a lot of chaos. It keeps going from one story to another, and it makes an attempt to keep the strings tied which it does pretty successfully.

However, it does make you realize that there is no justice for all four characters. The film creates a little bit of chaos besides which it is pretty satisfactory. The direction Christian Ditter has used his imagination in a very unskillful and unimpressive way, and he could have made efforts to make it better. The cinematography by Christian Rein and camera trick is skill-full. The music is by Fil Eisler and works just fine. The story is pretty much similar to a lot of films, and that is why somewhere one can always guess what the end is going to be.

Star Performance: Dakota Johnson has done a remarkable performance as Alice. She has carried out her role in a very comfortable way, and it makes you support her. Even the rest of the actors have done a pretty good job playing their respective roles and have done full justice to them.

What’s there? The film gives you a lot of comedy and lets you have enough of fun. Dakota Johnson as Alice has done full justice to her role. It has some exceedingly hilarious dialogues and scenes and gorgeous cinematography.

What’s not there? It is just another one of feminist comedy films with the plot just a little different. It has a lot of chaos. The film could be made better with lesser subplots. It would be more organized.

Verdict: It is satisfactory for a one time watch. It is the kind of film you don’t hate watching, but the story is one that has been repeated quite a lot, so you get tired of it. The movie leaves you with a nice thought that one does not necessarily have to be in a relationship. It breaks the conventional ideas of being single and not enjoying one’s life.