Ernest Borgnine English Actor
  • DOB : 24-01-1917
  • Date of death: 08-07-2012
  • Star Sign : Aquarius
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor

Ernest Borgnine (also known as Ermes Effron Borgnine) is a veteran Hollywood actor. In an illustrious career spanning nearly six decades, the actor won the Academy Award, and was even nominated for the Grammy Award, once. Although he played the role of villains in numerous movies in the early stages of his career, his breakout role was in the American romantic film, ‘Marty’ (1955), which won him the first Academy Award. This film was directed by Delbert Mann, which fetched the director and two producers, Harold Hecht and Burt Lancaster Burt Lancaster, whose full name is Burton Stephen >> Read More... Burt Lancaster , an Academy Award in their respective category. This is also the first film to win the ‘Golden Palm’ award in the Cannes film festival.

Since 1951, he was associated with Columbia Pictures, and emerged as a bankable character actor and played several antagonist roles in the early stages of his career. He was casted in the year 1951 as a villain in 'The Whistle at Eaton Fall', which was a Columbia Pictures presentation, after which he never looked back. In between 1953-55, he was associated with MGM Motion Pictures and was featured in every film, which was significant in any way, whether it was cultural, historical, or even aesthetic. He soon established himself as a character actor in Hollywood. For the next three decades, his screen presence became the talk of the industry and his presence in an American movie, 'The Wild Bunch' (1969), again gave him immortal satisfaction as an actor. ‘The Wild Bunch’ is one of the top ten movies, which is also ranked as the sixth best western movie. Ernest Borgnine was casted as Dutch Engstrom in 'The Wild Bunch'. He was chosen for this role after his performance in the movie, 'The Dirty Dozen' (1967).

In 1967, the actor stole the show by appearing in an American war film, 'The Dirty Dozen', where he played the character of Major General Sam Worden. This film had many veterans and Ernest Borgnine fitted the character. This is because, in October 1935, he was part of the Navy for the United States of America, but he left the Navy service in October 1941. Later, he again joined Navy service in 1942, and left the service permanently in September 1945, after a decade of service. After his distinguished career in movies, in the year 1997, the actor won the Lone Sailor Award from the Navy Memorial of the United States.

His first debut on TV was in 1951. That year, he appeared in a character artist role that was telecast on DuMont Television Network. The show on TV was called 'Captain Video and His Video Rangers'. This fetched him major assignments on TV networks. But his outstanding performance was in an American sitcom called ‘McHale’s Navy', which was telecasted from October 11, 1962, to April 12, 1966, on the ABC television network, which fetched him many accolades. The show was a huge success and he even signed up with Universal Studios for future endeavors. In 1983, he appeared in the American TV series, ‘Airwolf’, which was another contract he signed with Universal Studios. This show ran for four years on the CBS network.

In his personal life, he caught media attention for having married five times. Some of the women who were associated in his life were Rhoda Kemin, actress Katy Jurado, singer Ethel Merman, Donna Rancour and Tova Traesnaes, who were all his life partners. His wife, Tova Traesnaes, stayed with him until his death, while others got separated from him after a divorce. Born on January 24, 1917, in the US, the actor died on July 8, 2012, when he was 95 years old, in California, due to a cardiac failure.