Birthday: 29-11-1952
Age: 66
Star sign: Sagittarius

Jeff Fahey, with his piercing blue gaze, has become a familiar face to many ‘Lost’ fans. Born on November 29, 1952, to Jane and Frank Fahey as the sixth of their thirteen children in Olean, New York, Jeff is admired by many. Jeff’s father, a cloth store worker, and his mother, a homemaker, moved to Buffalo, New York in 1964, where he was brought up. After graduating from Father Baker’s High School, which he had attended in Buffalo, Jeff at a young age left his home and traveled extensively around the world doing menial odd jobs. During this period, he spent time in Germany, Israel, and India. He hitchhiked to Alaska and also went traveling through Europe,

The Himalayas, and Afghanistan. Fahey, who has Irish ancestry, moved back to Buffalo afterward where he joined Studio Arena Theater and later the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City with a full scholarship. He showed interest in the art form and became part of performances across the United States and Broadway. He also started teaching ballroom dancing at this time. In New York City, Jeff also began doing theater without the Broadway name. The break for Jeff came in 1982 when he got to play ‘Gary Corelli’ in ‘One Life to Live’ on TV. He appeared on the show for three years.

He got his first major film in 1985 when he played ‘Tyree,’ a killer, in ‘Silverado.’ The same year he starred in The Execution of Raymond Graham, a live television show, which became an instant hit. With five of his brothers, he has a production company named Tyree Productions. Some of the other movies that he appeared in during this period were ‘Psycho III,’ ‘The Serpent of Death,’ ‘Parker Kane,’ and ‘The Lawnmower Man.’ He has been doing about four to five movies a year and has been a part of over a hundred movies. Fahey became a part of the hit TV series ‘Lost’ in its fourth season playing ‘Frank Lapidus’ and also appeared on ‘The Marshall.’

He also made a mark in the Robert Rodriguez action thriller ‘ Machete.’ Fahey got nominated for the Best Actor category for both the Chainsaw Award and for the Golden Nymph Award. He also got nominated for the Golden Derby TV Award in 2010. Jeff Fahey is known for his humanitarian work. Being a considerate fellow, he has been running orphanages in Afghanistan and has been spending time in Afghanistan whenever he is not shooting in the United States. He is also involved in work related to warehousing with particular regard to Sahrawi refugees in Algeria.

Nestor Carbonell English Actor

Nestor Carbonell

Acknowledged for his portrayal of Mayor Anthony Garcia in Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight, and recognized by his bizarrely dark eyelashes, which have been the motif of many discussions, Nestor Carbonell is discerned as one of the quality actors of the industry. Nestor Carbonell was born in the winter of 1967 on the first day of December, to Nestor and Rosa. While growing up, Nestor moved to many different places owing to his father’s job at Pepsi Co., with Mexico, the Bahamas, London, and Venezuela being some of the places. While in Caracas, he attended The British School, Caracas. He enrolled at Deerfield Academy after returning to the United States. Nestor later did his graduation degree in English from Harvard University. His interest wandered into acting when he was in his first year at college. On completion of his college, the young man set out to pursue a career in show business. He entered wedlock with Shannon Kenny in 2000 and has two kids named Rafael and Marco. They had known each other since the 1995 series ‘Muscle.’ His career began with a lot of small roles and guest appearances in a lot of shows. The roles offered to him earlier were generally of Spanish characters owing to his Spanish descent, and due to the misconception that he had a Hispanic accent. Fluency in the Spanish language also earned him some roles in commercials and helped him in other roles. He started off with a guest role in ‘As the World Turns.’ After this came a string of small roles on shows like ‘Law & Order,’ ‘Melrose Place,’ ‘The John Larroquette Show,’ and ‘Good Advice.’ His first substantial role came in 1996, in the situational comedy show ‘Suddenly Susan’ where he rendered Luis Rivera for four years. This role made him a notable place in the TV industry. In the year 2000, Nestor starred in ‘Attention Shoppers’ for which he was also the screenwriter. Nestor’s roles went back to guest appearances in various shows again. Another prominent breakthrough came when the role of ‘Richard Alpert’ was offered to him on the famous TV show ‘Lost.’ He became an eminent cast for the later seasons of the show. The show earned him a reputation as a competent actor and a fan following. The role of Anthony Garcia for the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ also toppled into his bag. He has also been a part of the show ‘Bates Motel’ for four seasons from 2013 to 2017 and has also directed three episodes of the show. Movies like “Smoking Aces,” ‘The Laramie Project,’ ‘The Lost City,’ ‘Manhood,’ and ‘For Greater Glory’ earned him applauds. The variety of his roles has earned him a good repute and established him as a striking figure in the industry.


Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje

Known predominantly for his portrayal of menacing and formidable characters on screen owing to his muscular build and an imposing voice, Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje’s life story is one with twists and turns. Adewale was born on August 22, 1967, in Islington, to Nigerian parents who were University students at the time in the United Kingdom. They gave him up to be fostered by a white family in Tilbury. He was brought up with about ten other African kids that his parents had in their house, including two of Agbaje’s sisters who had also been given up by his biological parents. Agbaje, a Buddhist, was unfortunate to have witnessed racism at a very early age in his childhood. When he was eight years old, Agbaje’s biological parents took him(and his sisters) to Nigeria where he had a horrible experience due to not being able to speak the local language. Interestingly, he is now fluent in Italian, Yoruba, Swahili and English and even speaks French. After a year in Nigeria, he was sent back to his foster parents in England. After a few years, the constant threat of physical attack in a white society led him to become a skinhead. His strapping frame aided him, and he soon became a bully and a thief. Skeptical of his future, he was sent to a boarding school in Surrey, with the expenses being paid by his biological father. Agbaje did not fit in the academic environment and attempted suicide. But as fate would have it, he went on to get a Masters in Law from the famous King’s College in London. During his university years, Agbaje stepped into the world of modeling. After a successful career in Milan and Paris, the modeling job would land him a role in a Hollywood movie ‘Congo’ in 1995. Agbaje has worked in a number of successful movies with ‘The Mummy,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ ‘The Bourne Identity,’ and ‘G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ being some of the most popular ones. He has generally played characters who are African. He is best known for his roles of ‘Simon Adebisi’ in the TV series ‘Oz’ and ‘Mr. Eko’ in the drama ‘Lost.’ He has prominently played African characters on screen. He has won the Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance and has been nominated numerous times for his versatile roles. Adewale has been working on a project to make a movie based on his life story. It is to be named ‘Farming,’ and he has received the Annenberg Film Fellowship Grant for the film.

Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje English Actor