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Jeff Fahey, with his piercing blue gaze, has become a familiar face to many ‘Lost’ fans. Born on November 29, 1952, to Jane and Frank Fahey as the sixth of their thirteen children in Olean, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... , Jeff is admired by many. Jeff’s father, a cloth store worker, and his mother, a homemaker, moved to Buffalo, New York in 1964, where he was brought up. After graduating from Father Baker’s High School, which he had attended in Buffalo, Jeff at a young age left his home and traveled extensively around the world doing menial odd jobs. During this period, he spent time in Germany, Israel, and India. He hitchhiked to Alaska and also went traveling through Europe,

The Himalayas, and Afghanistan. Fahey, who has Irish ancestry, moved back to Buffalo afterward where he joined Studio Arena Theater and later the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City with a full scholarship. He showed interest in the art form and became part of performances across the United States and Broadway. He also started teaching ballroom dancing at this time. In New York City, Jeff also began doing theater without the Broadway name. The break for Jeff came in 1982 when he got to play ‘Gary Corelli’ in ‘One Life to Live’ on TV. He appeared on the show for three years.

He got his first major film in 1985 when he played ‘Tyree,’ a killer, in ‘Silverado.’ The same year he starred in The Execution of Raymond Graham, a live television show, which became an instant hit. With five of his brothers, he has a production company named Tyree Productions. Some of the other movies that he appeared in during this period were ‘Psycho III,’ ‘The Serpent of Death,’ ‘Parker Kane,’ and ‘The Lawnmower Man.’ He has been doing about four to five movies a year and has been a part of over a hundred movies. Fahey became a part of the hit TV series ‘Lost’ in its fourth season playing ‘Frank Lapidus’ and also appeared on ‘The Marshall.’

He also made a mark in the Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez, whose full name is Robert Anthon >> Read More... action thriller ‘ Machete Click to look into! >> Read More... .’ Fahey got nominated for the Best Actor category for both the Chainsaw Award and for the Golden Nymph Award. He also got nominated for the Golden Derby TV Award in 2010. Jeff Fahey is known for his humanitarian work. Being a considerate fellow, he has been running orphanages in Afghanistan and has been spending time in Afghanistan whenever he is not shooting in the United States. He is also involved in work related to warehousing with particular regard to Sahrawi refugees in Algeria.


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